Your DIY Van Conversion Guide

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Let me start off by saying there is no one right way to convert a van. Everyone’s setup will be a little bit different depending on the type of van you have, materials you use, your budget, and of course your design preferences. We’re here to help you decide what you need and walk you through everything you need to consider in the van conversion process.

Below are our guides on how to do your own DIY campervan conversion! I’ve spent months building my own sprinter van home from scratch and met a bunch of other van lifers during my journey who did the same (with I’m sure plenty more to meet still). We’ll help you along your journey as well with step-by-step guides, materials and tools you need, and tons of advice for van life.

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Steps for Converting Your Van

Buying Your Van

How to choose the best van to live in.


How to install the flooring in your van.


How to install insulation in your van.

Wall Paneling

How to install wall paneling in your van.

Roof Fan

How to install a roof vent in your van.


How to set up an electrical system in your van.

Solar Panels

How to install solar panels on your van.

Bed Frame

How to install a bed frame in your van.

Ceiling Panels

How to install ceiling panels in your van.

Light Fixtures

How to install light fixtures in your van.


How to install storage cabinets in your van.


How to set up a kitchen in your van.

Storage Space

How to set up your storage space effectively.


How to set up your windows and covers.


How to paint the interior of your van.


Ideas for decorating the inside of your van.

Van Life Advice

Why I Chose "Van Life"

The reasons why I made the choice to drop everything and join the #vanlife community.


Van Life Must-Haves

Here are all the things that I can't live without while I'm on the road.


How I Afford Van Life

Here is how I make money on the road and some other ideas for making a living.


How to Plan a U.S. Road Trip

Road tripping across the U.S. like me? Here's how to plan your route.


How to Survive Winter

A fool-proof guide on the upgrades you should make to survive winters with lots of snow.


The Packing List

From vehicle essentials to just some fun things to have around, here's everything you should consider packing.


By Lindsey

Lindsey is our converted vehicles expert. She is currently traveling the country in her own converted van.