The Coolest Custom Vans On The Road

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The vanlife movement is growing rapidly and there are so many cool conversion vans on the road today. Here are some of the coolest vans we’ve encountered on YouTube, Instagram, and our travels. And of course, be sure to check out Lindsey’s rig – Venus is pretty cool too 🙂

Far Out Ride

Built by the duo at Far Out Ride, this van was built from a High-Roof, Extended-Length Ford Transit 2016 with a 3.7 gas engine and Limited Slip Differential (LSD). The van’s ample storage capabilities allow the couple to support their active lifestyle which includes mountain biking and skiing. The wood-paneled interior creates a rustic and cozy feel, while the solar power and modern appliances ensure convenience and comfort.

Notable Features

  • A dual slider system keeps under-bed storage organized and easy to access.
  • A propane-powered, on-demand hot shower at the back of the van with a shower curtain that can be attached to the doors for privacy.
  • A hideable faucet and sink that can be converted to a work surface with the turn of a flap.

Let’s Be Us

This travel blogger couple had big plans for their Sprinter Van conversion and managed to achieve them without having to compromise. By using the space efficiently, they managed to fit a nearly king-sized bed, a home office with two computers, a stove and oven combo, a bathroom, and garage with room for two bikes into their van. Even with all that, there is still plenty of room for all of their other belongings and for their pet dog!

Notable Features

  • A fully outfitted safety system including motion sensors and a glass break sensor that can be accessed remotely.
  • A tiled bathroom inside of the van complete with a permanent shower head and cassette toilet that can be moved in and out for more space in the shower.
  • A sink is outfitted with both a purified water and regular water faucet.
  • A full his and hers office complete with iMacs bolted to the van.


This German couple converted their own Sprinter Van and have been living in it for over a year now. The gorgeous interior is almost completely wood-paneled, including every surface and appliance (even the light switches), giving the van a ski chalet feel.

If you’re in the Black Forest region of Germany, you can even rent their beautiful van at

Notable Features

  • A surprisingly spacious shower compartment inside of the van.
  • A wall-bolted planter that serves as a mini herb garden, contributing both a splash of color and fresh ingredients.
  • A sliding bed that can be pulled all the way outside while supporting its weight.



We-who-roam is an Australian couple who did their own van build on a 2008 Mercedes Sprinter, which happens to be red because it used to be part of the Australian Postal Service. Their website details their entire build process including the wins, the regrets, and the advice for aspiring van-lifers they have to share.

Notable Features

  • A folding table that can act as a desk or dining area or be folded against the fall for storage.
  • Lots of potted plants hanging from the ceiling and along the walls add a homey feel.
  • Separate, slide-out chest freezer and refrigerator for lots of cold storage.

Beyond the Van

Richard and Phoebe from Beyond the Van have converted four vans by now, but our favorite is the LDV Convoy Luton which has all the ingredients of the perfect home and more. The couple focused on creating a van setup that allows for lots of flexibility and time off the grid with plenty of supplies and power.

Notable Features

  • An astroturf tail-lift balcony-bike rack combination increases the use of space at the back of the van.
  • A roof rack for kayak storage.
  • Dual fuel that uses vegetable oil and diesel as well as a hydrogen fuel cell that can run off of the rooftop solar panels.

Vincent Vanlife

This van started out as a Vauxhall Movano Maxi Roof and has now been converted to a camper known as Vincent. The couple who now live in Vincent opted to do the build themselves because they were looking for a very unique end result that created a cabin-like feel and had a lot of vertical space.

Notable Features

  • A real wood-burning stove for both heat and cooking.
  • A skylight for additional natural light without compromising on privacy.
  • Incredible amounts of storage throughout the van.

Flit Float Fly Away

Laurén Ettinger owns and travels in this beautiful Ram Promaster camper van conversion. The build itself was done by Off Grid Adventure Vans in Maryland (, but Laurén was able to work with them to create a custom design that would check all of her boxes. The result is a van with lots of functionality that can be tucked away to create extra space as well.

Notable Features

  • A Murphy Bed that becomes a side wall when not in use, creating lots of open living space and seating.
  • A composting toilet that hides away under a large countertop.
  • An outdoor shower for hosing off dirty equipment, cleaning the dog, and more.

Nomadder Where Van

The Nomadder Where Van was impressively self-built and customized by couple Bill and Jessie. The southwestern style décor and painstaking craftsmanship stands out in this converted 2017 Ram Promaster, which features lots of easily convertible and hideable designs that allow for an unusually open floor plan design.

Notable Features

  • An unobstructed main doorway with hammock hooks and self-closing screen covers that can be easily unzipped and rolled up for storage above the door and at the back of the van.
  • A three-use drawer system that serves as storage and can be converted into a couch, dining table with two seats, or even an extra sleeping area.
  • Self-timed track lights for extra visibility in the garage portion.
  • Gorgeous handmade cedar countertops.

Mr and Mrs Adventure

Having lived in 5 different tiny homes over 5 years, Mr and Mrs Adventure’s most recent Sprinter Van conversion brings together all of the lessons and favorite components to one of the best self-built conversions we have seen yet!

The many unique and practical design features made it difficult to highlight just a few, and the quirky decor (which includes a lantern and rug from Morocco, jeans pocket wall storage, and large spaceship-style windows along the sides) adds a personal touch.

Notable Features

  • A loveseat that can be flipped out to turn into a futon guest bed as well as a shower in a drawer that pops up in the middle of the van (the van also has an outdoor shower).
  • A homemade, slide-out composting toilet that, when covered, also serves as a step up onto the bed.
  • A self-made avocado and resin countertop with a live edge and reclaimed wood throughout the build.


Mike and Jess turned their 2013 Sprinter Van 2500 into a sleek and functional living space for themselves and their dog, Vinny. Their design is modern and clean, featuring kitchen drawers that are self-made out of wood laminate with an aluminum trim and a gray and white color scheme.

Notable Features

  • Tambour doors that slide down instead of out for sleek and out of the way storage next to the bed.
  • A full length mirror that flips out of the wall-height closet.
  • Self-inserted windows can can open as downward facing vents to create a cross ventilation in combination with the ceiling fan.

And that’s it! Have you encountered any other awesome vans? Shoot us a message and we will check them out. Who knows, maybe we’ve met them before on the road somewhere. If you’re interested in an RV wood stove, visit our guide!

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