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Best Shoes for Sailing_where you make it

Best Shoes for Sailing

What are the best shoes for sailing? Should you buy a multi-use shoe that will grip the boat’s surface one afternoon and take you on a mountain hike the next morning?

Best Bluewater Cruising Sailboats_where you make it

Best Bluewater Cruising Sailboats

A “bluewater sailboat” is capable of seeing those blue waters. It’s capable of venturing offshore, and it’s capable of the self-sufficiency required to survive out there. 

Sailing to Hawaii from California_where you make it

Sailing to Hawaii from California

Sailing to Hawaii from California can be a fascinating and enjoyable experience, but only if you have the right boat and a good plan.

Sailing From Florida to The Bahamas_Where you make it

Sailing From Florida to The Bahamas

There is plenty to learn and some challenges to overcome if you decide to go sailing from Florida to The Bahamas, but it’s all worth the effort.

10 Great Sailboats to Live In_Where you make it

10 Great Sailboats to Live In

There is an undeniable romanticism to the idea of living on a sailboat. Sailboats speak to traveling the world—going wherever the wind takes you.