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Traveling around in an RV is not just a wonderful way to see the world but also a great way to live out your everyday life. Still, the RV doesn’t have much living space, meaning that without proficiency in packing and storing goods, you’re going to be stuck with a lot of clutter. Rather than rifling through disorganized cabinets and storage boxes, it’s time to learn how to maximize your RV basement storage space.

We’ve gathered up some of the best RV basement storage ideas around, so you can get the most out of the RV basement.

What is RV Basement Storage?

The basement of an RV is located beneath the RV’s main floor. Some RVs have a single basement while others might have several, depending on the size. While you can’t actually walk into the basement, it’s referred to as a basement because of its location. The main purpose of the RV basement is for storage. You can put just about anything in the RV basement, including seasonal supplies, clothing, and recreational goods.

You will notice that some RV basement storage options are “pass-through” types, which go from one side of the RV to the other end. You can then access the storage from the right or left side. Depending on the kind of basement setup you have, one storage option might be more ideal than the rest.

Be Sure to Measure the RV Basement First

If you want to get the most out of your RV basement storage setup, you need to know how much workable space you have. Grab your measuring tape and check the height, width, and depth of the storage area. That will help you figure out which options are best for your RV. You can also calculate how many storage bins will fit inside the basement, for example.

10 RV Basement Storage Ideas You Will Love

Here is what you have been waiting for: RV basement storage ideas that increase the capacity of your storage and organize your items. These ideas were chosen based on viability (as in, does it actually work) and cost-effectiveness. Let’s take a look:

1. Sliding Cargo Tray

Because of the nature of RV basement storage, you might find yourself stooping low or trying to crawl inside to get to the stuff pushed far under the RV. Now, this isn’t a lot of fun, and it can put some strain on the neck, shoulders, and back. The best way to reach the furthest items is to purchase a cargo slide, also known as a sliding cargo tray.

These trays are so easy to install that it’s probably the best RV basement storage idea out there. You might find that cargo sliders are already installed in your RV, especially if you have a newer model. However, if this feature isn’t included, finding one is easy enough.

Once the sliding cargo tray has been installed, latch the tray inside. You can then pull the tray to slide out everything stacked on top. The downside is that the cargo tray takes up some space within the RV basement. However, it does make moving heavier items back and forth incredibly easy!

2. Clear Storage Bins

You will find yourself feeling severely disorganized when you can’t see everything you have stored in the RV basement. Therefore, clear storage bins or drawers are a must. You can then quickly locate which items are where, because you will be able to see them inside the bins.

Choose industrial grade tubs or bins that have secure lids. The last thing you want is for the lids to come undone or break while traveling. Opening the RV basement to find contents spilled all over the place is annoying.

Choose between a variety of sizes then stack or place them side-by-side in the basement.

3. Small Items in Ziploc Bags

You can get a lot of use out of some gallon-sized Ziploc bags. Place any smaller items, including hardware, inside your plastic bags. You can also write on the bags with a permanent marker, so you know what is stored inside. Place those plastic bags within the clear bins or drawers for further organization.

If you want to stay extremely organized, select a variety of Ziploc bag sizes for a variety of items. For example, you can place batteries inside a smaller bag then store that bag alongside spare flashlights in a larger plastic bag. Then, you put that bag inside a storage bin with other emergency items.

4. Pegboard for Loose Cords and Tools

Do you have a lot of tools and cords laying around? One of the best storage solutions for the RV basement is the simple pegboard. Sometimes you have items you want to access quickly, so putting them in a tub doesn’t seem ideal. In that case, the pegboard helps. With a few D-rings or other hooks, you place tools, cords, and other devices on the pegboard. Also, the pegboard can be used for tools that would otherwise weigh down your storage tubs, like hammers and large wrenches.

Here is an example of a galvanized steel pegboard that will fit in your RV’s basement. It’s also available in different colors, if you don’t want silver.

Keep in mind that the material the pegboard is made out of matters. If you get too big of a pegboard, you’re going to have a very difficult time cutting it down to size if it’s made of aluminum, steel, or plastic. If you have to resize the pegboard, look for tempered wood, as it is much easier to customize.

5. Command Hooks

Doesn’t it seem like most storage hacks for small spaces begin with Command hooks? There is no denying that adhesive hooks are nifty. Easy to install and remove, Command hooks open up a whole world of possibilities for RV basement storage ideas. Since you aren’t going to have a lot of space, you can use Command hooks to fill up the basement walls.

These hooks are also available in a number of sizes and styles. You can use them for all kinds of items, including hoses, cables, helmets, and tools (depending on how much the hooks can hold). Keep in mind that some hooks can be expensive and that these hooks do wear out over time.

6. Cord Storage Wheel for Loose Cords

Have you ever gone to a campsite and spent hours fumbling with tangled outdoor lighting cords? Well, no more. You can purchase a few cord storage wheels to make sense of all the wires you have laying around. It’s an essential RV basement storage solution that will save you from a world of frustration and make setting up a campsite easier than ever.

The Designers Edge Cord Reel is a cost-effective storage wheel designed for all kinds of cords. You can buy several to keep your ropes, hoses, extension cords, and outdoor lighting all tangle-free. The center handle is also easy to grip, so you can carry around the wheel more comfortably. Easy to use and storage, this is one item you should definitely purchase.

7. Hose Carrier

Have you heard of a sewer hose carrier? If you haven’t, consider this a sign that you need one. A sewer hose carrier is a wonderful addition, as it keeps your sewer hoses clean and far away from anything else in the RV basement. If you don’t want to place the sewer hose in the bumper, consider this an option. Not only do these hose carriers shut more tightly, but then prevent damage to your bumper, such as rust.

If you go with the Valterra E-Z Hose Carrier, the storage unit will go under the RV. Simply connect it to the frame of the rig. Not only do you save space in the basement, but you also open up more room for other valuable items. Score!

8. Shower Caddies for Chemicals and Cleaning Supplies

Did you think shower caddies are only for toiletries? Think again! Shower caddies are wonderfully designed, because they can hang from a single adhesive hook yet have a large capacity. Plus, the size of the caddy is perfect for holding cleaning supplies. Put your smaller bottles of chemicals and other supplies together on the shower caddy. When you need to clean something, just select what you need from the caddy and go about your day.

A great option is the Scotch 3M Large Shower Caddy, which is hung with adhesives. You don’t have to worry about drilling or screwing anything into the storage compartment of your RV. Keep in mind that the adhesive might wear out over time, so you will have to replace it once in a while.

Hanging shower caddies, towel bars (with shower hooks hanging off them), and razor holders are all options for you to use. Get creative! These RV basement storage ideas can be customized to suit your needs, after all.

9. Milk Crates for Extra Items

Do you need a place to store extra propane tanks? What about those jugs of emergency water? Get yourself some milk crates. This is a great way to store items that could tip over, roll around, and leak substances on other items. Choose milk crates that are rated for industrial or commercial use, since you are going to need the durability. You can also use milk crates for transporting heavy items to and from the RV basement.

You can find a number of heavy duty milk crates on Amazon, such as the 24-quart Juggernaut Storage crates. You can purchase a 2-pack for a reasonable price.

10. Make Lists of All Your Items

While this RV basement storage idea doesn’t involve purchasing anything, it’s probably one of the most useful on this list. Before you start putting anything anywhere in those clear storage bins, make sure you draft up a plan. Make a master list of all the items going into the RV basement and keep it on your computer or print it out. How you organize the list is up to you, but it’s recommended that you organize it based on the number of bins you have.

Assign each bin a number then sort the items into those bins according to their purpose. From them, print out those lists of what is in each bin and tape it on the lid of the clear storage bin or on the side. That way, as you are going through everything in a storage bin, you have a clear visual of what is inside each tub or drawer.

Plus, that master list is going to come in handy. You can use diagrams to show where each bin is located. You can use a spreadsheet to manage inventory, and so on. It’s a great way to stay organized and know everything that you have on hand.

Time to Get Packin’

What do you think of these RV basement storage ideas? Are you inspired to get your RV basement organized? There are plenty of items out there, including bins, drawers, boards, and hooks to get you started. Remember, you need to measure the dimensions of the basement first, so you know how much you can get.

Happy Travels!


1. What is the basement in a motorhome?

The basement in an RV or motorhome is not the same kind of basement you would find in a house. You don’t get much room, and you certainly can’t move around the basement. However, an RV basement does provide you with additional space to keep some vital items for your road trip. After all, there isn’t a lot of space inside your RV. Keeping your RV basement storage organized is key to packing all the essentials for your journey.

The basement in a motorhome is located outside, as a small opening beneath the RV with a pop door or slide out tray.

2. In indoor RV storage worth it?

If you want to keep most of your belongings inside the RV, you’re going to struggle with finding space. There is not a lot of space inside your RV to create storage areas. You mainly have cabinets, storage compartments beneath furniture, and closets in the bedroom. Therefore, you need to maximize storage space elsewhere, such as RV basement storage.

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