Buying an RV

Read our most recent advice on buying a new or used RV.


Our expert: Brian C. Noell

Originally from Michigan, Brian travels around the U.S. in an RV with his dog Lizzy. He's just about seen it all when it comes to the RV lifestyle, equipment, maintenance, and everything in between.

How to Buy an RV

Buying a New RV

Read Brian's advice on what to consider if you're buying a new RV.

Buying a Used RV

Make sure you know what to look for if you're buying a used RV.

Decoding RV Classes

What does class A, B, and C mean? Brian breaks it all down in this article.

Getting an RV Inspected

Learn where to find a good RV inspector and why you need one before you make that big purchase.

Insurance & Essentials

RV Insurance Needs

Brian walks through all your insurance needs when you buy an RV.

Extended Warranties

Insurance vs. extended warranties - what's the difference? Brian breaks it all down.

License Requirements?

Do you need a special license to drive an RV? Learn more in this article.

Making it Official

Did you convert a vehicle to an RV? Here's how to register your vehicle as a legal RV.

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