The Coolest Custom RVs on the Road

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RVing is a fast growing movement – the number of people purchasing new or used RVs and customizing them to travel across the country is growing every year. We’ve encountered tons of amazing people with custom rigs in our travels and are always inspired by looking at everyone’s setup.

There are so many folks we haven’t met yet though! Here are some of the coolest RVs that we’ve fawned over on YouTube and Instagram. We hope to see y’all on the road sometime! And remember to check out Brian’s column for the latest RVing advice.

Slow Car Fast Home

Danielle and Tommy have been on the road for over three years with their two dogs in their self-renovated 1992 Toyota Odyssey. The RV serves as both a workshop for the couple’s longboard business and a customized home for them to live and relax in, and every inch of the RV has been put to thoughtful use.

Notable Features

  • A large l-couch that takes up the back of the RV along with a huge back window that offers beautiful views.
  • A pull-out cutting board with a hole that is directly above the trashcan for easy disposal.
  • A self-installed porthole window for ventilation above the stove.

A Girl and Her Commander

This renovation is not only impressively budget-friendly but incorporates the kind of customization that is only possible with a DIY job. Jessy Muller self-renovated a 1978 Dodge Commander into the RV her dreams that would allow her to enjoy the comforts of home while living off the grid. You can follow Jessy’s blog for stories of her travels and trials as a solo female RV-er on the road.

Notable Features

  • A self-installed wooden dining table that flips out to extend further.
  • A hidden, built-in cat box that can be accessed from the outside.
  • A self-installed composting toilet separate from the shower.
  • A hinged bed platform that has storage built in underneath.

Roaming Retro

This 1987 RV redesign, renovated by Rosemary and Ramsey, is all about maintaining a retro aesthetic while fitting the modern conveniences that the couple wanted in their traveling home. Living a mobile lifestyle allows the couple to stay close despite Ramsey’s frequent travels as a baseball player. The renovation took only around three weeks, and the result is a bohemian, warm-toned interior that feels more like an apartment than an RV (to put it in Rosemary’s words).

Notable Features

  • Décor touches include custom-made chair covers, framed pop culture posters, and the RV’s original beaded blinds.
  • A versatile table that can serve as a coffee table in front of the couch or be put away to pull out the couch as a futon.
  • A marble-patterned stove cover that can be used as a counter to chop and prepare food or be folded up to use the stove.

Loftis Party of Six

This family of six lives and travels in their remodeled Class A Motorhome, which they transformed into a comfortable and modern family home. The interior has been redesigned to maximize storage and living space for the couple and their four children while keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

Notable Features

  • A cozy fireplace complete with a mantle.
  • A pull-out pantry rack that fits into a small space next to the fridge.
  • A subway tile kitchen backsplash.

Le Joy Ride

This couple on the go bought and customized their 2019 Coachmen Freelander 21QB to create the perfect tiny home on wheels. The result is an interior with a modern and classy feel made functional by several adjustable wooden elements, including some custom work done by Mezcla Designs.

Notable Features

  • A handmade wooden block counter with movable elements and an extension.
  • A living room table that can be flipped out to a shorter or longer length or be stowed when not in use.
  • A couch that can be adjusted to turn into a daybed.

Our Lively Tribe

Travis and Erin are parents of four who travel and live in their renovated 5th wheel. The couple also does travel trailer renovations, migrating from one project location to another in an attempt to help others experience the same adventurous lifestyle that they enjoy. The build started as a 2007 Keystone Raptor that has now been gutted and rebuilt to make room for Travis, Erin, and their four sons.

Notable Features

  • A half garage has been turned into a bunkhouse complete with three twin bunks and three desks for schoolwork.
  • A walk-in closet for full-size storage of clothes and toys.
  • A kitchen island for extra storage and counter space.


Tim and Fin are a traveling couple that has been all over the world, and in 2018 they took on an RV renovation that took them 2 months. The outcome was well worth it, creating a tiny home that manages to be budget friendly and practical while conveying a clean and modern aesthetic.

Notable Features

  • An l-shaped sleeper sofa that also contains a ton of storage.
  • Custom reclaimed wood-style elements throughout the RV.
  • A hand-painted countertop with a matching cutting board.

Meg for It

Minimalist lifestyle influencer Meg and her family of four share a renovated 360-square-foot RV that they redid themselves. The build started as a Wolf Pack 5th wheel, which was completely renovated on the inside. The two-bedroom fifth-wheel is beautifully decorated and has an airy feel accented by the color scheme and high ceilings.

Notable Features

  • A fireplace in the main living area.
  • A built-in sound system in the living area of the RV.
  • A bedroom that converts to a living room during the day and back into a bedroom with the flip of a switch that raises and lowers the king-sized bed.

The Gray Adventure

Nick and Rachel renovated and now live in a 30-foot Treasure Ship Galleon along with their two children and dog. After watching lots of YouTube videos for inspiration, the couple took on their own project, redoing the interior of the travel trailer to their liking. This included painting almost everything and replacing the flooring, as well as making other adjustments, while still keeping and re-purposing their favorite elements of the original design.

Notable Features

  • Countertops were resurfaced with concrete for a unique and clean look.
  • A shoe storage rack is built into the edge of the couch.
  • A standing desk and workspace build into a corner nook.

Mountain Modern Life

This RV-life couple renovated their own 2008 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32-LA into a living space that combines modern conveniences and design with a rustic aesthetic for a cozy feel. The wooden inlays and elements like horseshoe shelves make the interior feel like an upscale mountain cabin. These two really thought of everything and put in hard work, and it shows in their beautiful build!

Notable Features

  • A media cabinet with a TV lift built into the counter, a fireplace below that can warm the front of the RV, and a table that pulls out of the side.
  • A self-built sofa with storage underneath.
  • Custom-made light-fixtures with LED Edison-style bulbs.
  • Countertops surfaced with red oak flooring.
  • And much more – go check out their video tour!

Have you come across any other amazing custom RVs that we didn’t cover here? Let us know! We would love to check them out. If you’re interested in an RV wood stove, visit our guide!

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See you out on the road!

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