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RV living is a great way to enjoy the road and travel the land at your own pace, but the limited space means every inch matters. One of the most important uses of space is a washer/dryer set. Here are the best options currently on the market, as well as a little information about how I picked these products and what you should look for when buying your own.

So Fresh and So Clean: The Best Washer/Dryers For Your RV

Best RV Washer Dryer Combo Category
Westland RV Trailer Splendide Best Stackable Washer/Dryer
Dometic Ventless Washer Dryer Best Washer/Dryer Combo
SPLENDIDE RV Trailer Camper Xc Combo Washer-Dryer Best High-End Washer/Dryer
KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine Best Compact Combo
Giantex Portable Mini Best Portable Combo
LG WM3997HWA Ventless Best for Large RVs

Reviews of Our Top Recommendations

Alright, let’s take a look at reviews for each of our top picks.

Best Stackable Washer/Dryer

Westland RV Trailer Splendide


Stacked is usually the best way to go in RVs, where vertical space is easier to manage than horizontal space. This affordable set offers a variety of features useful for RV living, including air fluffing, easy ironing, and automatic drying. The units have a capacity of 13 pounds in a 4 cubic foot space, which is quite reasonable for this product range.

Originally launched in 2014, this part of Westland’s lineup runs well on 120 volts and 12 amps. I like the automatic drying feature the most, though. This makes it much easier to minimize electricity use when you can’t rely on outside power as much, and that’s a key detail for off-road camping and other RV activities.

This combo weighs about 71 pounds, which is about right for appliances of this type. They’re best when stacked, but it is possible to install them side-by-side if that works better for your RV.

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The Fine Print:

  • Height: 32-3/4”
  • Width: 23-1/2”
  • Depth: 22-3/4”
  • Vented: Yes
  • Features: Adjustable Dry Time, Air Fluff, Easy Iron, Low Heat, Auto Dry, Stainless Steel Drum
  • Capacity: 4 cubic feet
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V
  • Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Excellent for making economical use of space
  • Small enough to fit in most RVs without a problem
  • Allows for side-by-side installation if that’s more effective
  • Reasonable selection of features for the price


  • Nothing especially fancy or notable
  • The stack kit is optional, not included


Best Washer/Dryer Combo

Dometic Ventless Washer Dryer


Dometic is one of the most notable names in RV tools, so I’m not surprised that I ended up choosing one of their products for this final list. The WDCVLB2 ventless combo unit is a little larger than our stackables, but the fact that it’s two machines in one means it ultimately saves more space that you can use for other things.

However, the part I really like is the fact that it’s ventless. I don’t like vents on RVs because you can’t always ensure you’re somewhere that it’s appropriate to vent the lint and the air. By confining things, this unit makes it easier to simply dispose of the waste as needed.

Speaking of disposal, it has a drainage plug in an easy-to-access location and can drain to sinks, showers, or a gray water tank. Other useful features include frequent user settings and a load balancing system that works well for cleaning your clothes while you’re on the go.

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The Fine Print:

  • Height: 33-1/2”
  • Width: 23-1/2”
  • Depth: 24”
  • Vented: No
  • Features: 10 wash cycles, adjustable drying level, time saver mode, self-cleaning cycles and pumps, LED displays
  • Capacity: 12 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V
  • Warranty: Standard Store Warranty


  • High-efficiency washer/dryer combo
  • Ventless
  • Balances loads so you can use it while driving
  • The self-cleaning system is fantastic
  • Works with solar setups when parked


  • Extremely heavy (about 170 lbs)
  • Occasionally has computer glitches
  • Getting it to a service center for help under warranty can be difficult


Best High-End Washer/Dryer

Splendide RV Trailer Camper Xc Combo Washer-Dryer


Splendide’s WDC7100XC is one of the best units currently on the market and an ideal choice if you’re looking to invest in a high-quality machine. Like my previous review, this is a combo machine that both washes and dries laundry.

Notable features on this model include the ability to add items mid-wash, an LED display cycle showing progress, and ENERGY STAR compatibility to ensure that you’re not wasting any water. The tri-phase motor is impressively quiet, too, which makes it possible to run this machine while you’re sleeping.

It’s a little lighter than the previous unit at 157 pounds when installed. The one major drawback with this unit is that it tends to dry a little slower than vented machines. If you need things dried quickly, you may want to get another unit. If time isn’t as much of an issue, though, this high-quality machine works just fine.

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The Fine Print:

  • Height: 33-1/8”
  • Width: 23-1/3”
  • Depth: 22-1/4”
  • Vented: No
  • Features: 10 wash cycles, 1 dry cycle, 2 auto-dry cycles, LED status indicator
  • Capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V
  • Warranty: Standard Store Warranty


  • Numerous features that are useful for full-time RV living
  • ENERGY STAR-compliant, which is relatively rare among RV washer/dryer combos
  • The extra-wide opening makes it easier to add and remove items
  • Relatively quiet when in use, which helps for washing clothes while sleeping


  • Doesn’t dry as fast as vented options
  • Requires a little more room than the dimensions listed above for hookups and pipes


Best Compact Combo

KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine


Sometimes space is the most important consideration when buying appliances. This is especially true for long-term RV living, where every inch could be the difference between having something you want and going without.

KUPPET’s miniature washing machine is a twin-tub model that can dry things on one side while washing on the other, and that saves a lot of time when compared to traditional combo machines. At 24.2 pounds, it’s also light enough to pick up and store elsewhere in your RV if you don’t want to leave it in one place.

As a compact washing machine, this unit can’t wash as many clothes at a time as a regular unit. The washer side can hold about 5.5 lbs of clothes at one time, while the drying side can hold about 4.5 lbs. This is fine if you don’t go through very many clothes and can live with only putting a few in at a time, but it will be troublesome if you have a lot of outfits.

The other thing to note is that this washing machine doesn’t have all of the built-in hookups and components of traditional units. In fact, you have to add the water yourself instead of drawing it from a pipe. That’s what you have to do to get a compact machine, but it’s worth knowing before you consider buying it.

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The Fine Print:

  • Height: 24-4/10”
  • Width: 22”
  • Depth: 15”
  • Vented: No
  • Features: Two-tub design, energy-efficient, multiple timer settings
  • Capacity: 10 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V
  • Warranty: Standard Store Warranty


  • Small enough to fit in any RV
  • Ideal for small loads of laundry
  • Doesn’t require as much power as larger units
  • Far more affordable than most other washer/dryer combo machines
  • Easy to store in cabinets


  • Can’t handle large lows
  • Requires users to add and drain water manually
  • May not last as long as traditional units


Best Portable Combo

Giantex Portable Mini


Don’t let the visual appearance of this washer/dryer combo machine fool you. At just 17.6 lbs, it’s actually lighter than the previous combo machine on this list, and that takes some serious doing. After all, there’s only so much you can shrink the motors and exterior while the machine is still strong enough to work.

The main reason to get a portable washing machine of this size (which is noticeably larger than the compact KUPPET model above) is taking it out of your RV when you’re at certain destinations so you can use it while camping, hiking, or enjoying other activities. It’s large, but it’s easy enough to carry it on a cart or another transport. You can even strap it to your back.

Like most small washing machines, this has a variable timer configuration where you can wash something for up to 15 minutes and spin-dry for up to 5 minutes. I’d prefer it if they could double the length of each of these for dirtier loads, but it’s easy enough to run this machine again.

Incidentally, the top-loading design isn’t quite as water-efficient as a side-load unit, but it’s also less likely to leak over the floor of your RV. There’s some good and some bad in that design choice. Sadly, this unit isn’t small enough to hide away when you’re not using it.

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The Fine Print:

  • Height: 31”
  • Width: 27”
  • Depth: 16”
  • Vented: No
  • Features: Two-tub design, lightweight, manual controls
  • Capacity:6 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V
  • Warranty: Standard Store Warranty


  • Lightweight and easy to move in and out of an RV
  • Large enough to do mid-size loads
  • Can dry two loads in the time it takes to do one wash


  • Requires manually filling and draining the unit
  • Too bulky to store out of sight when not using it


Best for Large RVs

LG WM3997HWA Ventless


Space is always an issue in RVs, but this large washer/dryer combo is a great option for large RVs that have the room to support it. The WM3997HWA features a 4.3 cubic foot drum, 14 wash cycles, 4 dry cycles, multiple temperature settings, and the ability to send steam deep enough to thoroughly wash clothing.

It also features a self-balancing system designed to minimize vibrations while in use, which is vital to good performance when you’re on the road. This is a large unit, so it takes longer to wash and dry loads than the compact options described above. Personally, I recommend using it when you have external electricity hookups.

It’s also one of the heaviest units on this list at 205 pounds, so don’t expect to move it around once you put it in place.

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The Fine Print:

  • Height: 30”
  • Width: 27”
  • Depth: 39”
  • Vented: Yes
  • Features: Single-tub design, multiple temperature settings, good for cold washing
  • Capacity:3 cubic feet
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V
  • Warranty: Standard Store Warranty


  • Numerous useful washing features
  • Large capacity for doing lots of laundry at once
  • One-drum design helps save space


  • One of the largest machines on the market
  • Very expensive compared to other combos

Recap: The Best RV Washer and Dryer Combos

Buying a Washer/Dryer for Your RV: What to Look For

Size & Capacity

The most important factor to consider when buying an RV washer/dryer is the size. Unlike houses, which have dedicated areas suitable for these machines, motorhomes don’t always have the space for the washer/dryer you want.

I also recommend considering the features, capacity, and speed of each unit. Compact and portable units usually require manual filling and draining, and they don’t have as many options as more permanent machines. However, these models are also much smaller than traditional washer/dryer combos, and mere inches can make all the difference.

High-quality machines tend to last longer than portable units, but they’re also so heavy that you may need to drive them to a service center to get warranty coverage. If the service centers are too far away, this may not be a financially sensible option.

Vented vs. Ventless

Ventless dryers are typically way easier to install, more energy efficient, and lower maintenance than vented options. However, they typically cost a lot more and take a lot longer to dry your clothes. So, if you’re on a budget, consider going vented.

Energy Efficiency

Make sure to look for washer/dryers that are Energy Star certified. The last thing you want is laundry night completing draining your power and water supply. Being efficient on resources was a big factor for my top picks.

Steam Cycle

Make sure to look at the steam cycle for any washer you’re considering. The steam cycle should be well designed, which will help you get rid of nasty stuff like dander and dust mites from your clothes.


Whether or not your washer/dryer is ventless will be the primary factor for how long it will take to get all your clothes washed and dried. Systems also vary their settings to solve for speed/efficiency vs. being more gentle on your laundry. There are tradeoffs to both, so weigh your options and make a choice that makes sense for your preferences.


Finally, we considered all the bells and whistles on each model. Here are some of the popular features we considered:

  • Tub design
  • Temperature settings
  • Speed settings
  • Timer settings
  • Self cleaning cycles
  • Express dry
  • Motion sensors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An RV Washer And Dryer Worth It?

This depends, if you spend a large amount of time in your RV, we think having a washer and dryer is necessary! If you only spend a couple days at a time in your RV and do not need to rewear clothes on a trip, then there is no need to have a washer and dryer unless you want to. It frees up space for other things and saves you money as well.

Are Washer Dryer Combos Good?

If you have a limited amount of space, like in a van, a washer/dryer combo can be a great choice, especially if you are visiting somewhere that is very humid where wet clothes wouldn’t dry well. The biggest issue with washer/dryer combos is that the washer drum needs to dry out before it can actually start to dry your clothes. This can take time and a ton of energy, if you have the time, its great, but these combos can be more of a hassle than they are worth.

What Is The Life Of An RV Washer?

RV washers are generally built to last. Most washers will last about 10 years if taken care of properly. But as with any appliance, some can last less and some can last a ton more. The most important thing to prolonging the life of your appliances is to do routine maintenance, and if something is wrong with your unit to fix it, that will most likely be cheaper than the problem persisting and having to buy new.