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An excellent RV screen room can improve your RV by adding ample privacy and protection underneath your awning from the elements and giving you and your family a place to relax where you can enjoy the great outdoors while staying away from pesky bugs. Investing in a screen room was one of the best exterior accessories that I ever invested in for myself and my family, and if you like hitting the road as much as I do, you are sure to agree.

Below, I break down my top picks for RV screen rooms.

Relax in Comfort with These RV Screen Rooms

Best RV Screen RoomsBest For:
Carefree 291800 Vacation’r Screen RoomDurability
Carefree Buena Vista+Flexible Placement
Innova 16’ Limited Add-A-RoomEasiest Setup
Solera 362231 Patio Awning Family RoomEasiest Transportation
Dometic 954091.000 Xtend-A-Room TallTrailers

Our Reviews for Best RV Screen Rooms

Although everyone’s needs are different, these are my top five picks for RV screen rooms that won’t let you down and will make your family’s RV experience all the much better.

Most Durable Screen Room

Carefree 291800 Vacation’r Screen Room

I’ve rated this screen room as the most durable model I’ve found, and you certainly can’t beat its quality material. Even though this screen room won’t bow down to the elements, it’s still lightweight enough for you to take it on the road. Additionally, it’s versatile and will conform to just about any RV. You don’t need to be a master installer to set it up, either. Simply stake it in, and you are ready to enjoy your RV adventure in style.

This model is also ideal for those who live or travel in rainier climates, as it comes equipped with a rain dump feature that will stop water from pooling on top of the roof. You could sit inside during a thunderstorm and not feel a drop. This screen room is a solid choice for those who want a no-muss, no-fuss option.

Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for 18' to...
  • Fits awning rail to ground measurements of 86 inch to 150 inch
  • This high quality, lightweight room is specifically designed to fit nearly all traditional and 12...
  • Made of tough, lightweight material

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  • Easy setup and dismantling
  • Made of very durable material
  • Rain dump capability will keep you nice and dry
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Not totally bug-proof
  • Doesn’t provide as much airflow as other models
  • Stakes might not sit right in the muddy ground

Most Flexible Placement

Carefree Buena Vista+

If you’re looking for an RV awning room that you can put just about anywhere, this model is for you. I’ve rated it the most flexible placement for a reason; it can fit anywhere like a dream. The setup is simple, and you can move the door anywhere you’d like in the screen room, giving you plenty of options to account for wind direction and other environmental factors. I particularly like this feature, and I found that I could get this room ready within about ten to fifteen minutes.

It comes with a set of privacy panels inside the screen room, so you can make it a secure enclosure if you’d like or open the panels to let in the sunshine. Although the clear panels let plenty of daylight into the enclosed screen room, they also keep the rain out. This model is relatively watertight, although not completely. Some rain or bugs might sneak in.

CAREFREE Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room Fits 16'-17'...
  • Versatile Compatibility: This foldable room is designed to seamlessly attach to both manual and 12V...
  • Easy Setup: Enjoy the convenience of a quick and easy setup process that takes less than 15 minutes...
  • Customizable Placement: The foldable room offers the option to mount the door on either the left or...

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  • You can customize this screen room to suit your liking
  • Inside panels give you an option for privacy
  • It’s lightweight and easy to move
  • I was able to set mine up in 15 minutes


  • It’s not entirely watertight, and some bugs might get in
  • The exterior of the room isn’t as stable as some other models
  • Some other buyers reported problems getting through to customer service

Easiest RV Screen Room to Set Up

Innova 16′ Limited Add-A-Room

If you aren’t handy with a toolkit or just don’t feel like fiddling with a bunch of goofy instructions after a long day on the road, check out my pick for the RV screen room with the easiest setup. You could set this one up in your sleep, and the best part is, that it’s quite durable. There are built-in rafters and brackets that seal up the room and protect you from any surprise storms. This enclosed screen room is a heavy-duty choice that comes with a solid one-year warranty.

I have used the privacy panels to transform this space into a completely separate room. You can even have guests sleep inside of it if you want. For a breath of fresh air, you can use screens instead, opening up the space so that your whole family can enjoy the sunshine without having to deal with bugs or the weather.

16' Limited Add-A-Room
  • Fits most straight-sided RVs with awning rail to ground dimension of 100" to 138"
  • All features of other rooms plus 1000 denier vinyl fabric, privacy panels that zip together,...
  • Includes 35" tall skirting with sliding eyelets for flexibility in attachment points

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  • A breeze to install
  • Keeps the bugs and weather elements out
  • Turn it into an additional living space for guests
  • Very sturdy


  • Slightly higher price than other similar models
  • Some buyers found the zippers faulty
  • It’s not as customizable as other models

Easiest RV Screen Room to Transport

Solera 362231 Patio Awning Family Room

Those on the go will love my next pick. This Solera model is a champion when it comes to mobility, which is why I’ve rated it as the easiest transportation of all of the RV awning rooms on this list. If you move around a lot but love having the option of customizing your RV, you should seriously consider picking one of these up. Solera is a legacy brand, to begin with, and this is one of the best products that they have on the market.

This model accommodates almost all different types of RVs. Check your specs before buying, but you should be good to go. It has a universal fit, too, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling around. It comes with its own storage bag, and it is easy to set up and take down. One of the most significant downsides is also the thing that makes it so portable. This model is a lightweight fabric, which is great for the sunshine but will not hold up when it comes to torrential rain or snow.

Solera Family Room RV Awning Screen Room, 16', for...
  • ADDED SPACE — This screen room is a great way to add extra space to your campsite for dining,...
  • PEACE OF MIND — The Solera Family Room comes complete with weatherproof, polyester panels and...
  • CUSTOMIZATION — Our family room fits most power and manual RV awnings ranging from 10' to 21' in...

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  • Simple to set up and move from place to place
  • Fits with almost every RV awning
  • A legacy brand so you know that you will get good quality
  • The material is grey and suits most color schemes


  • The material will not keep out torrential rain well
  • Some panel installations can be confusing at first
  • It’s not ideal for privacy

Best Screen Room for Trailers

Dometic 954091.000 Xtend-A-Room Tall

If you have a trailer, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve rated this model as the best for trailers because the manufacturers designed it specifically to suit those needs. It comes with a simple ramp that lets you quickly load or unload items, privacy panels, and weatherproofing, as well as a sturdy platform to keep you high and dry off the ground. Use the privacy panels to create a separate room, or simply put up the screens to make an area where you and your family can enjoy nature.

Like the other RV screen rooms on this list, this one extends your trailer and gives you and your family a nice place to relax after a long day on the road. You will not regret it!

Dometic 954091.000 Xtend-A-Room - Tall, 86-1/2' to...
17 Reviews
Dometic 954091.000 Xtend-A-Room - Tall, 86-1/2" to...
  • Easy-access ramp end opens for quick loading and unloading
  • Adjustable support poles have ergonomically designed positive crimping locks to ensure proper fit
  • Floor skirt tightly seals room to ramp gate without fasteners

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  • Easily adds extra space to your trailer
  • Good for pets
  • Totally waterproof
  • You have the option of using privacy or screen panels


  • Some buyers found the instructions difficult to follow
  • Occasionally bugs can get in through the screens
  • Taking it down can be slightly tricky for some

Recap: The Best RV Screen Rooms

Factors to Consider When Buying RV Screen Rooms

An RV screen room is a significant investment and not one that you should take lightly. Of course, there are many different factors to consider when buying one, and everyone is different. Take your personal needs into account first, but keep these four things in mind before you take the plunge.

How Often You’re Planning to Move Your RV

How often you’re planning on moving your RV will dictate the kind of RV screen room that’s right for you. If you choose a room with a difficult setup, you’re bound to get frustrated with having to take it apart and set it up again. If you move quite a bit, make sure that your screen room is one that you can take down and put up in a flash. Otherwise, if you’re staying put and living in your RV, it might not be worth the hassle.

How Much Circulation Does the Room Provide?

Circulation matters a lot, especially if you are traveling during the summer months. Some screen rooms offer ample circulation, whereas others can be a bit on the stuffy side. There’s also usually a trade-off. More circulation often means that the room is more likely to let in insects. It could also be less waterproof than other varieties.

If you keep pets or have guests in your enclosed screen room, circulation is a huge deal. You want to make sure that there is enough air moving around for them to be comfortable. Look for screen rooms with breathable fabric and screened panels for the best circulation.

How Easy Is It to Set Up?

Some screen rooms are more difficult to set up than others, which is definitely something you want to take into consideration. The enclosed screen room typically attaches to your RV awning (using it as a ceiling) and uses the same infrastructure to attach to your RV.

What Is Your Budget?

When it comes down to it, budget matters. Some screen rooms are more expensive than others, and you will want to have a clear idea of what you can realistically spend before committing to anything. Shop around, and look for sales. Often, you can get good deals in the off-season.

What Climate You’re Living Or Traveling In

Your climate will dictate what kind of screen room works for you. If you are traveling during the balmy summer months, you can get a screen room made of lightweight fabric with plenty of airflows. If you’re traveling during the fall or in a climate that is colder or wetter, you will probably need a screen room that is heavier and more durable.

An excellent RV screen room can take your camper experience to the next level. I know that it did for my family and me. Check out the options on this list to make your adventures even more extraordinary.

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