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There’s never been a better time to hit the road and enjoy the freedom and adventure of RV living. If you already are or are considering becoming full-time RV living folks, then you know that preparation is critical. However, there is no need to rough it or miss out on life’s pleasures!

Whether you had a backyard growing up or not, there are options for decking that can travel with and set up almost anywhere. With the great outdoors as your backyard, it’s essential to have quality portable decking to take your dream patio with you everywhere you go!

Portable decks for RV’s are a fantastic way to enjoy RV living to the fullest, particularly if you plan to park for an extended period. A patio can make your RV feel like a home and is lovely for entertaining.

We’ve done the homework for you and chosen five of the best portable decking options for your RV to suit just about any need or financial restraints. We’ve tested them out ourselves and selected the best multipurpose and simple to set up options. No tools or complicated assembly required.

With any one of these options, you can stargaze or grill in comfort and style. Here are the top five and their main merits.

Camp in Comfort with These Portable Decking Options

Best RV Portable Decking Best For:
Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles Overall Value
Pure Garden Interlocking Tiles Durability
Collections Etc Interlocking Patio Flooring Affordable
Bare Décor BARE-WF2009 Teak Deck
DuraGrid DT24GRAY Easiest Install

Our Reviews of the Best Portable Decking For Your RV

Not sure where to start looking? We’ve highlighted our top picks below.

Best Overall

Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles

There are many reasons that Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles landed the top choice overall on our list and many others’ — it’s genuinely the best all-in-one. This deck hits the marks of convenience, quality materials, toughness, simplicity, and size.

The interlocking slat pattern tiles are a snap! Six durable tiles come together in minutes without tools or arduous assembly. The partitions offer a quick set up and are easy to take down and store, ranking high on portability.

Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles are an Eco-friendly composite of weather-resistant wood and plastic that will last you season after season. They are durable against damages caused by rain and won’t buckle, decay, or get gnawed on by insects. Their open design allows airflow and drainage.

The fade-resistant decking keeps the charcoal gray tiles looking fresh like new after long exposures in direct sunlight. These patio tiles can instantly cover and beautify concrete, grass, or any sturdy surface.

Pure Garden 50-LG1189 Dark Gray Set of 6...
198 Reviews
Pure Garden 50-LG1189 Dark Gray Set of 6...
  • FUSS-FREE INSTALLATION - Install this balcony decor quickly and easily without using any tools....
  • OUTDOOR FRIENDLY - This six-piece floor tile set boast a design that enables airflow and water...
  • AMPLE COVERAGE - Plan home improvement projects easily with this six-piece set of floor tiles. This...

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  • Hits all the marks — easy assembly, portability, and durability
  • The materials ensure all-weather, all-season portable patio enjoyment
  • Good size. 5.8 square feet (12” L x 12” W x .9” H per tile), with six tiles that snap together, they can be adjusted further
  • Set up anywhere for instant beautification


  • Those seeking to cover a more spacious area might seek more extensive portable decking
  • Works best on a completely flat surface, so might be difficult on rugged terrain

Most Durable

Pure Garden Interlocking Tiles

Another slam dunk for the Pure Garden brand! These interlocking square tiles have many of the benefits of other Pure Garden portable decking plus additions. Built with polypropylene plastic, they boast serious durability. Assembly is effortless with the snap-together design.

The tiles are 11.5 x 11.5 x 0.5 inches each and weigh only 2.25 pounds, making them portable and convenient yet strong and long-lasting. Sets come in six enabling the user to control the space’s size and adjust to their needs.

These attractive terracotta colored tiles are handy for water drainage due to their lacy openwork pattern design for ventilation that easily allows excess water or rain drain. Without any wood, pest damage and swelling aren’t issues at all.

In case you have any kind of pest infestation that is when you need a professional pest control

The caveat with an open design is that you might require added support for your furniture to avoid chair legs slipping through the gaps.

Deck Tiles - 6-Pack Pavers - Polypropylene...
  • OUTDOOR PAVERS - This 6-pack of balcony flooring boasts a design that enables airflow and water...
  • FUSS-FREE INSTALLATION - Install the patio deck tiles quickly and easily without using any tools....
  • AMPLE COVERAGE - Plan home improvement projects with these patio floor tiles. Each deck tile...

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  • Excellent for wetter weather with openwork pattern for drainage and ventilation
  • Simple snap-together setup
  • Lightweight and portable but extremely durable


  • Can be slippery when wet — unless you go barefoot!
  • The large holes from the open design can be tricky with some folding furniture

Most Affordable

Collections Etc Interlocking Patio Flooring

Let’s face it, most of us who have taken to RV life are bound to a budget. But portable decking needn’t feel like an unattainable goal. For the more frugal-minded, the Collections Etc Interlocking Patio Flooring is an excellent option.

These durable polypropylene plastic tiles offer many benefits of other brands but at a lower price point. They come in terracotta or gray, feature an openwork design for optimal water drainage, and a pack contains six interlocking tiles to create a paved area of about 3’x2’.

The drawbacks of these instant decking tiles are that they can be brittle and won’t withstand much weight without cracking under pressure. If you don’t require that kind of strength, they can still provide a charming patio for a reasonable price.

Collections Etc Interlocking Patio 11-1/2' Square...
129 Reviews
Collections Etc Interlocking Patio 11-1/2" Square...
  • Set of 6 polypropylene tiles snap together securely to create a walk, patio, or barbecue area
  • Openwork pattern provides effective water drainage
  • Choose between Terracotta, Green or Grey

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  • You can’t beat the combination of qualities for the price!
  • Durable and weather resilient materials
  • Collections Etc has been around for 50 years and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • A little rigid and can break with too much weight or pressure
  • Limited longevity if exposed to intense elements often
  • Small square footage space so you may need to buy more

Best Teak Deck

Bare Décor BARE-WF2009

When you want to impress those new neighbors in the RV park or dazzle your road companion with a luxurious gift that will make your nights in nature even more memorable, you might consider a chic teak deck.

Bare Decor BARE-WF2009 Solid Teak Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles are a classy option for the beauty of a wooden porch that’s portable and as easy to assemble as it is elegant. Ten tiles fit together smoothly with no tools required and can create a space of ten square feet when you feel like entertaining.  The materials’ design and durability are so sturdy that the deck can be installed over slightly uneven surfaces — a bonus when the roads get a bit rocky!

Teak is an incredibly stable wood, which is why it is the favorite for outdoor floors and furniture. The sun’s rays bleach the honey-colored wood into a silvery gray patina color. Much like us going gray! Or you can lacquer to retain the original lustre.

It should be noted that the glamour of a real wooden patio does require some maintenance and can be less resilient against outdoor elements such as insects, rain, and mold than its plastic counterparts. Here is how to get rid of any unwanted insects or moths. Periodic washing with detergents usually does the trick, but for deeper stains or mold spots, try a Clorox bleach and water concoction. With a little extra TLC, your portable teak patio is a worthy investment that can last for decades (up to between 75 and 100 years!).

Bare Decor BARE-WF2009 Solid Teak Wood...
  • Genuine solid Teak wood (Tectona Grandis)
  • Great for indoor or outdoor application
  • No tools required for installation

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  • Elegant and chic solid teak wood
  • Ten square feet of space offers more room for entertaining
  • Easy, DIY assembly that can handle various surfaces
  • Extremely long lasting


  • More pricey than plastic decking, but you get what you pay for
  • Wooden decking does require some upkeep and is less weatherproof

Easiest Install

DuraGrid DT24GRAY

Though it has become expected for portable patios to feature quick, tool-free installation, the DuraGrid, Gray DT24GRAY Outdoor Modular Interlocking is especially simple to install. But that isn’t its only asset. This multi-use deck is all about options!

It comes in various colors (beige, brick red, green, grey, and evergreen) to accentuate any RV and three different pack sizes — 12, 24, or 40 tiles per pack. You can even order single tiles to customize your patio area to suit your needs.

With tough, slip-resistant material, DuraGrid tiles are antimicrobial to fight bacteria, mold, and mildew. They’re easy to clean too. Just spray them down with a hose.

Big Floors DT24GRAY DuraGrid Outdoor Modular...
578 Reviews
Big Floors DT24GRAY DuraGrid Outdoor Modular...
  • PERFECT RESURFACING SOLUTION: Deck Tile is the perfect cost-effective alternative for resurfacing...
  • DURABLE AND BUILT TO LAST: This product is designed to withstand extensive UV exposure, high foot...
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Deck Tile modular tiles are easy to install. The interlocking tiles...

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  • The perfect low-maintenance portable patio
  • All about variety — size and color
  • Simple to installation maintain
  • Can withstand intense elements


  • It’s not the most inexpensive option
  • Can be rough and uncomfortable on bare feet

Recap: The Best RV Portable Decking

Factors to Consider Before Buying Decking For Your RV

Some of the factors you’ll want to consider when you purchase portable decking include:

Size and Weight

You need to consider the size and weight of your portable decking not only because you’ll have to ensure it will fit in or (useful tip!) on top of your RV, but many sites have strict regulations on any extensions. Be sure to check with the campsite first.


Elegant teak, low-maintenance plastic, or a combination of wood, plastic, and other durable materials? The choice is yours and depends on the style and functionality you desire.

While teak and other wood-based decks are beautiful and long-lasting, they do require a bit of effort. Plastic decking can be easily hosed down but can be uncomfortable on bare feet and prone to cracking. Perhaps the “Goldilocks choice” is a combination that offers resistance to the elements but retains the look and feel of a wooden deck.


The whole point of having a portable deck is to be able to take it with you! Size and weight factor into the deck’s portability, as does ease of assembly because you’ll need to be able to pack up and take it from place to place without much fuss.

Ease of Assembly

The quicker you can unload, build, and pack up the deck, the more you can enjoy it. Thankfully, modern-day deck companies have made assembly, quite literally, a snap. Tiles that snap together are the easiest to set up, break down, and generally require no tools.

Final Thoughts

While there are other more sturdy RV setups for long-term or permanent living situations, these low-fuss portable decking options are a hit list for those who prefer a simple setup to enjoy more time outdoors before packing up and moving on to the next location.

Hopefully, this list is helpful to you for building a portable on-the-go dream porch that’s as road-ready, robust, and adventurous as you are! Also be sure to check out Brian’s article on building your own RV deck.

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