Best RV Outdoor Showers – Top Picks & Reviews

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It’s always a plus to have an indoor shower in your RV. However, many people prefer to have RV outdoor showers or simply don’t have room in their RV or van for an indoor shower. We did the research to compile a list of the best RV outdoor shower enclosures. Here are our findings.

Stay Clean With These Outdoor Showers

Best RV Outdoor Shower EnclosuresBest For:
Dura Faucet DF-SA170Locking Shower Box
Stromberg Carlson EXT-3542Outdoor Shower Curtain
Camco 44023 Shower HeadDurable Shower Head
Dura Faucet DF-SA100-SShower Knobs
RecPro RV Shower Box KitShower Kit

Reviews of the 5 Best RV Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Ready? Let’s get into each one of our recommendations and the pros and cons of each one.

Best Locking Shower Box

Dura Faucet DF-SA170

With its 90-degree elbow, the Dura Faucet saves space by allowing you to tuck it away into any nook or cranny. The Dura Faucet comes with a 60-inch vinyl hose and a mounting cutout. Extending from the hose is a shower wand with a handy flow control switch, instead of just the standard ‘On/Off’ switch. The hose and shower wand will fit into your RV’s 11×6 portal.

All of these aspects have earned the Dura Faucet the title of Best Locking Shower Box. The Dura Faucet is nearly five feet in length, making it great for flexibility and comfort while in your outdoor shower.

Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT RV Weatherproof Exterior...
  • INNOVATION | Your RV Exterior Shower Box Kit features a Space Saving 90 Degree Swiveling Elbow...
  • DESIGN | Shower Faucet with 90 Degree Outlet and Acrylic Knob Handles; 60" Shower Hose Includes...
  • PROTECTION | UV Protected for years of use against sun bleach coloring

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  • The vinyl hose is 60 inches in length, great for mobility in the shower
  • Fair price for the overall kit
  • Flow control instead of the typical ON/OFF switch


  • There have been some reports of the hose or shower head leaking

Best Outdoor Shower Curtain

Stromberg Carlson EXT-3542

The Stromberg Carlson Extend-A-Shower is our top pick for the best outdoor shower curtain. At a budget-friendly price, the Stomberg Carlson has multiple uses. This can be really handy, especially for full-time RVers. While it can be refreshing to shower outside of your RV rather than inside, you may feel vulnerable if you don’t have shower curtains. The Stromberg Carlson helps you set up a cozy little shower space and can be adjusted to fit in smaller spaces.

Suppose you’ve been caught in the rain, no worries. The Stromberg Carlson can also be used to air-dry clothes outside or in your shower basin.

Stromberg Carlson EXT-3542 Extend-A-Shower, White
  • Extend A Shower White Fits' 35"-42" shower space. can be trimmed to fit smaller openings. Add more...
  • Can be used to drip dry laundry over your shower basin

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  • Provides privacy, especially if you are camping with guests or at a campground
  • Can be used to hang and dry wet clothes and laundry
  • Ranges from 35 to 42 inches to accommodate the space of your outdoor shower


  • There have been reports of the shower extender being too small
  • The extender does not work very well if you have a corner shower in your RV

Most Durable Shower Head

Camco 44023 Shower Head

If the aforementioned Dura Faucet’s shower head is not your vibe, then consider the Camco Shower Head. If you are looking for something sturdy, it is the most durable showerhead on our list. It is easy to install and fits just as easily into your RV outdoor shower.

There is an on/off switch located on the showerhead, and it allows you to have high-pressure water flow to help clean you off after a long day. It measures 3 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length and comes in the color white. For more showerhead recommendations, make sure to read our guide on the best RV shower heads.

Camco RV Outdoor Shower Head | High Flow Shower...
  • RV Outdoor Shower Head: The ideal accessory for your RV's outdoor shower area. Allows you to easily...
  • Features: High flow head and an on-off switch to help conserve water
  • Dimensions: Shower head measures 3-inches in diameter with a total length of 8-inches

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  • The Camco Shower Head is a very affordable price
  • It is easy to install into your shower hose
  • Offers high water pressure, unlike a lot of other RV shower heads


  • The ON/OFF switch tends to not turn the water fully off, causing some leaking

Best Shower Knobs

Dura Faucet DF-SA100-S

The Dura Faucet Acrylic Diverter allows you to quickly adjust the temperature and water pressure of your camping shower. The knobs are our top pick for best shower knobs, are made of premium-grade synthetic waterways, and are very easy to turn on or off.

The diverter provides a design that is easy to install and prevents unwanted dripping and is made for all standard shower hoses. This diverter was made for full-time RVers just like you. It also provides 2.4 GPM for those looking for a heavy stream of water in their RV showers. You won’t need a plumber to help you install this diverter, and it can be installed on nearly every RV.

Dura Faucet DF-SA100S-WT RV/Motorhome/Trailer...
  • Features | This faucet boasts a classic, fully functional diverter, and smoked crystal acrylic knob...
  • Design | The classic styling of this faucet is the perfect solution for updating your shower...
  • Quality | This dual knob faucet comes with a durable easy-to-turn design, and provides a desired...

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  • The Dura Faucet is quick to set up in your RV
  • 4 GPM brings heavy water pressure
  • Easy to install into your outdoor shower


  • The handles can be a little too easy to turn
  • The material can be easy to break if not handled properly

Best Shower Kit

RecPro RV Shower Box Kit

The best shower kit, and the final entry on our list, is the RecPro RV Shower Box Kit. This shower kit comes with a 51-inch vinyl hose that is meant to withstand the forces of nature. A common complaint among many RVers is that their equipment gets weathered too fast.

The RecPro vinyl hose is UV protected to prevent damage from exposure to heat. It is also fade-resistant and rust-resistant. This means that if you accidentally forget the hose outside in the rain, snow, or extreme heat, you won’t have to deal with buying a new one.

RecPro RV Exterior Shower Box Kit Faucet Hose...
  • 51” vinyl hose
  • 2.5GPM (9.5L/Min) Max showerhead
  • Resistant to UV light and fading

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  • The vinyl hose features UV protection to withstand the sun
  • The shower box kit is resistant to rust
  • The overall kit is built to prevent weather damage


  • The box in which the kit is stored is a little flimsy

Recap: The Best RV Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Factors to Consider When Outfitting an Outdoor Shower For Your RV

When searching around for an outdoor shower for your camper, there are multiple things to consider before making a final purchase. You will want to take into account not only the size of your RV, but also the size of the space you have to work with. But apart from that, here are some more factors to consider.

Overall Portability

As full-time RVers are constantly on the go, try and imagine how portable a pop-up shower maybe before committing to it. A large outdoor shower enclosure might feel luxurious when you’re in it, but added accessories can take up limited space.

A large outdoor shower can also come with a lengthy setup and take-down time, which can be a pain if you’re in a hurry. Shower box kits are great for portability in the sense that you can store everything together without the risk of losing anything.

Your Budget

It’s never wise to overspend your budget, but if you spend a little bit more money on a durable and well-running outdoor shower now, you can avoid having to spend money on replacements in the future.

Buying an outside shower for cheap is great unless it falls apart on you two days later. Luckily, there are many outdoor showers these days that are high in quality and offer reasonable prices.

Your Location

Location can play a big part in selecting a portable outdoor shower for many reasons. If you are someone who frequently camps in public campgrounds, you’ll most likely want to take privacy into account, rather than using public showers.

If you live in a state that gets very cold in the fall and winter, you’ll most likely appreciate shower knobs that respond quickly to raising the water temperature. If where you typically camp out is limited in space, again you may want to think about skipping out on a large shower enclosure.


Lastly, it is not enough for your shower to turn on and off. While you will want to adhere to your personal set budget, don’t be hesitant to explore what a shower can and cannot do. Some showers provide a faster response time than others. Some showers and showerheads allow you to adjust the water pressure. Consider the things you couldn’t live without regarding a standard shower and apply them to your outdoor shower choices.

Also, consider all of the ways an outdoor shower can help you with your camping experiences. A high water pressure shower head, for example, could be great for getting dirt out of clothing. Like in the example mentioned above, a shower rod might double as an air dryer for laundry.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your outdoor shower should be comfortable and functional. Washing off after a long day is an enjoyable part of many people’s routines. But you can use your shower to clean many things besides yourself. Whether it’s a pet dog that has rolled around in the mud or even your laundry, an outdoor shower enclosure can act as a multi-purpose tool.

Within this list, you will find some of the best options for outdoor showers. When you have prioritized your needs and desires regarding an outdoor shower, you will have a world of options to choose from.

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