WindyNation 12 Volt AGM Battery Review

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Every RVer knows the importance of a reliable battery. However, finding that perfect one that works just right can be an expensive lesson in trial and error. That’s why I’m putting some of the best-known batteries to the test.

Today, we’re looking at WindyNation’s 12 volt AGM battery!

The Details

The BattaMax Battery Series by WindyNation is designed to provide power to your RV, even when you’re operating off the grid. Their 100 amp-hour, 12 Volt AGM battery is sealed and non-spillable, making it relatively maintenance-free.

Heavy-duty plates keep everything protected against heavy wear-and-tear without adding too much extra weight. The battery weighs in at 66-pounds standing alone, making it lightweight enough for most of us to handle without assistance.

When you do need to carry the battery around, it comes with a free detachable carry strap for comfort and convenience. The unit also includes two terminal protectors to keep you and your RV safe.

While this battery boasts a traditional lead-acid design, it’s made with high-quality components for superior performance. Instead of using subpar recycled lead, as you’ll find in many low-quality batteries, the WindyNation Battamax series used 99.995% pure virgin lead. This design allows for a low discharge rate and impressive maximum power storage.

Because it gives off deep, repetitive charges, this battery lasts longer with regular use than other similar options. You can discharge it and recharge it hundreds or even thousands of times without compromising performance.

The 12 Volt AGM battery has a long float life between 10 and 12 years at 25°C, or 77°F. It boasts 100 amp-hours at a 10-hour rate and 110 amp-hours at a 20-hour rate, making it both a powerful and long-lasting choice for any RV setup.

This battery comes with a one-year warranty from WindyNation. If the product is defective, you can send it back for a refund or a replacement, making this battery a fairly safe purchase for the conscientious consumer.

What I Liked

When you live in an RV full time, it’s important to have a reliable power source. There’s no worse feeling than going to cook dinner or turn on the heat, only to find you have no power available. I’ve found that the best way to guard against power failures is by making sure you have the right battery in your vehicle.

The WindyNation 12 Volt AGM battery is built for deep-cycle performance, making it an ideal choice for RV owners like me. Many of us end up abusing our battery bank, discharging and recharging regularly. The AGM can handle repetitive recharges without suffering any sort of noticeable dent in performance.

I also love the maintenance-free design. I rarely have to worry about any troubleshooting since the casing is sealed and non-spillable. Whenever I do have to work with the battery, the case stays cool while the carry strap makes it easy to move around. It only weighs 66 pounds, so I don’t have any trouble lifting the unit by myself.

Perhaps the most attractive feature for me is the battery’s price point. While some high-end options can run you thousands of dollars, the WindyNation 12 Volt AMG offers performance without breaking the bank.

The WindyNation 12 Volt AGM Battery is one of our top choices for the best travel trailer battery.


While this battery offers powerful, long-lasting performance, it can be tough to charge the unit up to 100% every time, which becomes more noticeable the longer you use the battery. This can be an issue for anyone who needs the battery’s full power reserves while operating off-grid.

Power issues can be a particular problem during cold weather. I noticed that when the temperature dropped, the battery seemed to be less adept at holding a charge. This battery may not be the best choice for winter travel or for those living in a cold climate.

I also found the design of the hub terminals to be a little bit awkward. Both are relatively short and lay close to the battery case, making it a challenge to hook up properly. You may also have trouble getting the free terminal covers to stay put during maintenance work and travel.

Reviews From Other RVers

For the most part, customers have good things to say about the WindyNation 12 Volt AGM battery. It’s powerful, durable, and charges relatively quickly. Customers also appreciate the battery’s versatility, using it for much more than just their RV. You can also use this battery for golf carts, home solar systems, and even commercial applications.

Unfortunately, customers who weren’t pleased with their purchase found the 12 Volt AGM tough to return. Despite the company having a one-year warranty, WindyNation doesn’t always make it easy for customers to process a return or order a replacement. There’s also little in the way of support when it comes to installation and maintenance.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on traveling off-grid, consider using a WindyNation battery. The 12 Volt AGM battery makes an excellent choice for most RV owners, especially those who travel frequently. It works best in warm weather and makes an ideal choice for summer campers or those living in warmer climates.

The WindyNation 12 Volt AGM battery is easy to handle while offering powerful, long-lasting performance. It’s also affordable enough to fit most budgets, especially for those looking to save. What’s more, the maintenance-free design makes the battery an ideal choice for campers of all experience levels, from RV novices to seasoned experts.

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