Powermax PM4 Converter/Charger Review

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As an RV owner, a converter is a must to prolong the life of your RV’s battery, whether you have a power generator or use solar panels. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient converter for your RV, the Powermax PM4 converter is unlikely to disappoint.

Let’s take a closer look at some product details, some things I liked, and some things other people are saying about the Powermax PM4.

The Details

If your RV power system has batteries or a power bank, you will want to invest in a power converter or charging system, and that’s where the Powermax PM4 charger comes in. It is one of the most popular converters/chargers used by the RV world, and for a good reason.

The Powermax PM4 comes with a battery charger that helps preserve battery life because it doesn’t stress the battery. It regenerates fairly quickly, but not at a rate that will deplete the lifespan of your battery. To prevent overcharging of the battery or maintaining a full charge constantly, the Powermax PM4 converter/charger has a 4-step charging system.

The converter supplies 100 amps, which is a high amount, but it doesn’t provide that power at all times. The 4-step charging system allows the converter to supply power as needed, depending on your charging needs.

The four-step charging process consists of:

  • Bulk: This supplies 14.7 volts if the battery is drained or nearly drained.
  • Absorption: This is 13.8 volts, which is the average charging rate.
  • Float: Supplying 13.2 volts when the battery is near fully charged.
  • Equalization: This feature will override the float stage occasionally, which is useful for extending battery life.

What I Liked

The great thing about this converter is that it has great safety features like overload and thermal protection. These features help avoid a power overload and prevent a fire from breaking out. The PM4 comes equipped with overload protection and can sense when excess power flows through the wires. It adjusts the power to provide less or even shuts off the charging system completely if it senses danger. Again, this is where the 4-step charging system comes in handy, acting as a monitor panel, so you don’t have to.

The charger has built-in sensors to prevent the temperatures from rising too high and has a cooling unit that will kick in if things are getting too hot. Need any more proof? The PM4 is UL approved, so you know you are getting a quality charging system.

While I opted for the 100 amp converter, I did appreciate the option of going to a lower amperage if needed. Even the highest amp is compact enough that it won’t invade your RV and compete for living space. This unit gives peace of mind, which, as you know, is a necessity when you travel with your RV and need a reliable charging system to enjoy music, lights, and of course, a fridge.

The Powermax PM4 Converter/Charger is one of my top picks for the best RV converters.


This unit is of great value, but if I were to pull out a negative point about this converter, it would be that the noise level of the fan gets to be a bit much. It was pretty quiet when it first started, but it gets a bit loud when it has to kick into full gear to adjust temperatures. It’s not deafening, but you definitely know it’s there.

The pricing of this unit is reasonable, but if you want to experience the perks of a quiet converter, then this may not be the choice for you. It’s on the smaller side, so you need to look into your space and consider if you need to find a bigger converter. There are five options to choose from, depending on your RV size and the amount of power you need, so you’re sure to find the perfect size for your needs.

Reviews From Other RVers

This is a great unit, but don’t just take my word for it. Other user reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the PM4. Reviewers say it is a must if you want to prolong the life of your RV battery. This unit is also compact, so it isn’t invasive and is easy to install. Most people can get this unit up and running within 30 minutes.

Many RVers use this particular unit, as well as people who own big wheelers, auto mechanics, boat owners, etc., and the consensus is mostly positive across all uses. There have been a few complaints about the converter not working after a short period of time. Still, these events are isolated to a few reviewers, and the 2-year warranty allows you to get a replacement converter if any problems arise.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quality converter/charger for your RV, the Powermax PM4 is a great option.

The four-step charging system to prevent overheating and electrical fires, as well as the power-saving mode, are features that all RV enthusiasts can appreciate. With ample safety features and reliable power for a reasonable price, the Powermax PM4 converter/charger is a solid purchase for any RV owner.

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