6 Best Inverter Generators for RV’ing and #vanlife

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Camping can be a very fun experience regardless if you are staying in an RV, or if all you have in your tent is the great outdoors! However, with today’s technology, we do not need to completely disconnect or leave our home comforts behind. All of this is thanks to the inverter generator. 

While camping lacks modern conveniences such as power, there are workarounds. By selecting the appropriate portable generator for camping, you can be sure that you will have enough power to charge your phones, power your lights, and even watch TV.

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Inverter Generator

Choosing the finest generator for camping, RVing, and other outdoor activities can be difficult if you have never bought one before. That is why we have made this list of the best inverter generators that are suitable for all of your camping needs. 

At the end of this list, we have added a buyers guide that will show you all of the important features that you should look out for when buying one of these products. 

With that in mind, let’s get into the reviews!

WEN 56200i

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter...

The Wen 56200i is a marvel of engineering. It’s one of the best camping generators on the market, powered by an incredible 7cc, 4-stroke OHV engine that runs at a whisper-quiet 51 dB at quarter load.

This whisper-quiet camping generator is excellent for any event requiring electricity such as garden party, or camping trips in nature. 

Whether you’re heading out to a holiday home with no connected power or you are traveling in an RV and want to power your electronics like your fridge and chargers, this lightweight powerhouse can handle it all with nothing more than peace and tranquility.

Many people discover that they use their WEN generators more during daytime hours simply because they are so quiet, so if you are worried about noise more than anything else, this is the generator for you. 

The WEN 56200i Inverter Portable Generator is a perfect solution for homes that suffer from frequent power outages possible due to storms or other scenarios. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage and may be plugged into the electrical system of your home or put on the ground outside.

This device generates enough electricity to power up to 2000 watts of devices. When linked directly to the generator using the included 10-foot extension wire, this powerful generator boasts an automatic voltage regulator that rapidly changes from 120 volts AC to 240 volts AC.

This machine will never let you down if you’re hunting for trustworthy performance with the least hassle when you’re in a need!

This generator is great if you’re seeking for something that’s both easy and efficient, with low noise pollution, since this portable inverter generator runs at a maximum noise level of 51 decibels.

This winter, the WEN Portable Inverter Generator will be a fantastic choice for your home. Despite its fairly high price, the generator includes superb features and a high-quality design that make it well worth the money!


  • Lightwweight and portable – makes this generator perfect for camping trips
  • Very low noise level – many generators are very loud, but this is whisper quiet. Use it out in nature or around your home and no one wil be distrubed
  • Overload protection system – this prevents damage to the engine by shutting off the generator if it becomes overloaded with power


  • No fuel guage – this makes it difficult to see how much power you are using and how much fuel you have left
  • Expensive – this generator costs more than many other units on the market

SUAOKI Portable Power Station

SUAOKI Portable Power Station is compact and lightweight, so it won’t add unnecessary weight to your bag, and it stores up to 150Wh of energy, which should be enough to power you all week long. 

Additionally, the ten ports enable the integration of a variety of electrical devices, including phone chargers, computers, and even drones!

If something goes wrong or there are no outlets nearby, you may also recharge using an AC 110v wall socket or solar panel kit. With these features, this generator ensures that nothing will stand in the way of a restful night’s sleep following a day of successful day hiking.

The Suaoki Portable Power Station generator is a lifeline for those who enjoy the outdoors. Because it is lightweight and tiny, transporting it to your camping destination is a breeze!

SUAOKI’s elegant and robust design is ideal for those who want to avoid worrying about their phone or tablet running out of juice. This power bank can completely charge any smartphone twice before it has to be recharged! 

Also, it includes a few USB ports, which let you charge many devices simultaneously — either directly from the AC outlet or by plugging your device in via its cable.

By investing in high-quality equipment, such as the SUAOKI Portable Power Station, you can ensure that you never have to stop in the middle of a trip due to low batteries again.


  • Lightweight– make sit very easy to transport to camping sites
  • Emergency flashlight included – very useful for camping in the dark 
  • Has multiple outlets – thanks to the AC, DC, and USB ports on this generator, you will be able to connect virtually any device


  • Possible difficult to recharge using solar power – this all depends on where you are staying, bit if you are camping in a thick forest, sunlight will have a hard time getting to the panels

Powerhorse 2000

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2200 Peak...

This lightweight generator is excellent for any outdoor excursion, whether you’re camping in a remote place without electricity or need to charge your phone in an area without outlets.

This device provides clean power that is safe to use with sensitive electrical devices such as smartphones and PCs.

While very powerful, its smart engine management system ensures low fuel use and 52 decibels of noise reduction, making it ideal for keeping tranquillity around campfires–a must-have for nature lovers! 

It is quieter than many other camping generators, operating at a noise level of less than 61 dBA or 66 dBA at maximum – about the same as a refrigerator. Given that it is also fuel-efficient, not to mention more affordable than some of the more well-known models available, this is an excellent machine. 

The Powerhorse 2000 Portable Inverter Generator is a great companion for any outdoor adventure. At less than 65 pounds (30 kg), this little powerhouse will keep your tools charged no matter where you are staying.

For a variety of reasons, this portable inverter generator is a good purchase. The machine is silent and easy to install.

Due to the DC output capabilities, consumers may simply use the power from their car battery or residential socket, giving them additional freedom in terms of where they receive their electricity.

Additionally, it has an AC converter, which eliminates the need to bring additional cables or plugs for travel. Invest in this gadget if you want peace of mind during power outages at home or during the holidays, or for when you are on long camping trips. 


  • Very quiet – this generator is so quiet you probably won’t even realize that it’s turned on
  • Lightweight – makes it perfect for camping trips


  • Not as powerful as other generators  – if you know you will need a lot of power, say more than 2000 watts, then this is not a suitable generator for you

Honda EU2200i

Honda 664240 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter...

The Honda portable generator is ideal for all of your camping power requirements. With a 2200 watt output, this gadget is capable of doing a broad variety of jobs and can meet almost all of your power needs.

It’s a fantastic addition to any house or camping trip since it creates consistent voltage and runs quietly enough that you can keep it on all night and you won’t be disturbed. 

This is not only a very durable and dependable machine, but it is also very small and lightweight, making it easy to take it to wherever you need it to be. 

Honda’s EU2200i portable generator is a lightweight unit that may be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to an increase in output from 2200 to 2400 watts and a run length of up to 8 hours in Eco-Throttle mode, this generator can power nearly anything.

It functions softly at 54 decibels, which means that it will not bother anyone when used indoors.

This inverter generator includes a limited guarantee, which means that if something goes wrong, you may get it fixed without paying additional charges. As a top inverter alternative, we definitely recommend the Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator. 


  • Packed with features  – this generator has an AC adapter, 12V DC outlet that can charge batteries, and an Oil Alert system that protects the generator from seizing up by turning it off when the oil gets too low
  • Compact – This generator is very easy to store away when not in use due to its small size 


  • Takes a while to refuel and come back one when the tank is empty– if the tank completely runs out of gasoline, then refueling it may take a while, and then the generator takes some time to come back on after this

Champion 3100

Champion Power Equipment 100263 3400-Watt Dual...

The Champion 3100 portable generator is an excellent product. Not only does it create a substantial amount of power in relation to its size, but it is also built solidly with high-quality components to resist extreme conditions and heavy use without losing reliability or safety.

As is the case with the majority of inverter generators, this model produces clean, constant energy capable of securely powering sensitive electrical equipment and appliances throughout the house for a fraction of the cost o standard electricity or other generators. 

The Champion 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator is a compact, quiet generator that meets with California Air Resources Board (CARB) rules. This generator is the perfect companion for your next camping trip!

The Champion 3100 Portable Inverter Generator is a must-have for any home that needs to maintain electricity during a power outage.

This dependable generator will power your furnace, lights, and other important appliances during an outage. It’s easy to use and set up – simply plug in the object to be powered and press start. You may use it in any area or weather condition without the necessity of extension cords.


  • Can power multiple devices or a few large appliances – with 3100 watts at peak power and 2800 running watts, this generator can power several devices at once, or a few big things like your fridge and TV
  • Has overload protection – this feature protects both you and the generator from harm if it becomes overloaded with power


  • No electric start – while electric start is a standard feature on most generators, on this you need to pull a cord to start the generator, which is much harder

Westinghouse iGen1200

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2200 Peak...

Individuals planning a camping trip or a family day out will find the Westinghouse iGen1200 Generator ideal. This generator operates quietly, making it perfect for campsites.

Additionally, it is perfectly safe to charge sensible electronics without fear of these devices getting damaged due to too much power being used.  Simply remember not to exceed 0.8 gallons in the tank, since this will operate the engine for 9 hours each time!

Possible the best aspect of this generator is that you can transport it anywhere easily.  It is small enough to fit into the trunk of the majority of cans and can even be carried with one hand it is so light!

The Westinghouse iGen1200 is an excellent portable inverter generator that comes with a number of advantages. It is great for camping vacations, power outages, and any other event needing backup power due to its quiet operation, fuel economy, and overload protection.

The iGen1200 Portable Inverter Generator is an excellent option if you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, or if you like camping and other outdoor activities with family and friends. This generator will help keep your gadgets fully charged and operational without interruption.

With all of these features crammed into a small package, it’s unsurprising that so many people adore their new portable inverter!


  • LCD Display – This screen displays how much fuel is left in the tank as well as how much power has been used
  • Fuel efficient – can run for up to 12 hours on a single tank


  • Possibly not powerful enough for your needs– this generator only gives 1250 watts of power, so not enough to power many devices at once, or to power large appliances

Buyers Guide

Here are the most important features to consider when buying one of these devices


When you’re on the go, portable camping generators are an ideal method to charge and power any necessary items. 

If you require the use of large appliances, such as a fridge, you will want at least 3000 watts of energy to meet your requirements.

For example, a portable generator rated at approximately 2-3kW should be sufficient to power smaller gadgets such as phones without running additional high-drain goods; however, this may not be enough juice to power a TV. 

Noise Level

The best camping portable generators are quiet since you do not want to disturb other campers. Given that a normal human conversation is around 60db and a vacuum cleaner is approximately 70dB, a range of 45-60 decibels would be appropriate.


For camping, the best portable camping generator is a lightweight one. 

While many inverter generators can easily be picked up by the average person, the bulk of larger camping generators on the market have wheel kits and handles to make transportation easier 


There are a variety of ways to power your campsite. Generators provide several advantages over gasoline engines, including increased efficiency and less noise. While electric generators may run for up to 24 hours without recharging, it is important to have a fuel source handy before relying exclusively on electrical power!

Due to their portability and clean electricity, propane generators are an excellent alternative for camping. In terms of fuel consumption, a 2 kW unit should be able to run at 50% load for around 6 hours on just 1.18 gallons of propane 

A dual-fuel generator is also worth consideration since it can operate on either gasoline or diesel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Camping Generator Should I Buy? 

Consider the size of your tent, the quantity, and the type of lighting or electronic equipment you want to use inside. For the majority of tents, the optimal size camping generator is frequently a 5500-watt leisure generator – just make sure it’s gas!

Apart from commercial hookups, the majority of other campgrounds should have a maximum demand of between 1500 and 5000 watts (for small RV generators).

What Generator Should I Get For Camping? 

A generator should have inexpensive inverter outlets and an excellent ability to start in cold weather. Due to their smaller gas tanks, smaller generators are inadequate for powering air conditioners in hot temperatures. 

Inverter outlets enable you to operate remote power equipment that requires electricity effectively without the use of extension cables or the need to wait in for your gas-powered vehicles to charge due to an insufficient charging system.

The generator that you buy should be dependable enough that it can start in challenging winter circumstances and have the ability to adjust fuel power levels based on job needs, including an economy mode at idle.

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