WFCO WF-9855 Converter/Charger Review

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If you’re constantly on the road, you don’t want to worry about your appliances or battery dying on you. As an RV owner, you know the importance of a worry-free journey and reliable products to keep your mind at ease so you can enjoy the open road.

Below I’ll go in more depth about the WF-9855 Converter/Charger so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

The Details

The WFCO WF-9855 Series Deck Mount Converter/Charger is one of the better electric converters you can get for your RV. This is a piece of equipment designed for serious RVers.The converter outputs 14.4 Volts DC when charging an external item. It converts an input of 105-130 VAC, moving at 60 Hz. The output to your RV is 55 AMPs. In both cases, the converter/charger is powerful, but not so much that it is dangerous to use or handle.

The product comes with a built-in cooling fan, regulating the electrical load and ensuring the converter operates quietly. The WFCO WF-9855 converter is also explicitly designed to be easy to install and replace. The overall weight is only a little over 4 pounds, making it a pretty lightweight option as far as converters go. The converter itself is also relatively small. Small but mighty, you might say.

The WFCO Converter gets manufactured and sold by the same company, which ensures that any issues you have with their product can be fixed immediately, either by consultation or by replacing defective products. Anyone interested in this product can quickly and easily educate themselves on the warranty information and product manual to make the right decision.

What I Liked

I liked the easy installation most of all. The WFCO Converter comes with a 3-stage smart charger and a plug to attach to the rest of your machine. It also has an adaptor in case you are upgrading from a different AMP converter to this model. Speaking of exchanging, it is also very nice to see how easily I could change it out for a new one. I found that changing out an old model after it gave out took only a few minutes and required only a screwdriver.

I had no trouble charging my RV with the WFCO 9855, and it was able to float the battery once fully charged. The best part: it did this all so quietly I almost forgot it was running, even while it was heavily charging.

This product exceeded my expectations overall. I love using it, and I can’t see myself going to a different manufacturer after my current one stops working. They last about 12 to 18 months, and after that time, I plan to replace mine with another WFCO converter/charger.

The WFCO WF-9855 Converter/Charger is one of my top picks for the best RV power converter.


I have heard of situations where the charger was dead on arrival, and the company refused to recognize it under warranty due to the retailer where the customer bought it. I can’t say how common this is or if WFCO has since improved its warranty policies, but I wanted to share that for the sake of transparency. Just be careful who you buy these from when shopping.

Aside from flukes like this, there is very little bad I can say about this product. It can sometimes be finicky, and it sometimes can’t pull the voltage advertised by the manufacturer, but all in all, it is a very reliable product. Even if it cannot always reach the advertised voltage, the product very seldom shorts out entirely. But it is good to understand the limitations of this charger overall.

Reviews From Other RVers

The vast majority, 87%, of reviews for the WFCO converter/charger are glowing product recommendations. People talk about how reliable and pleasant the product is. Most people mention how quiet and easy it is to use, as I did above. The product’s quality shines through the many unabashedly positive reviews this product has from its customer base.

Of the handful of people that gave middling, usually three-star reviews, one issue stood out. Much like my own review, they were all upset because the charger did not put out the advertised number of amps. In most cases, when people tested the amps going into their RV, they read 45 amps instead of 55 amps. This is certainly something to consider, though it is also vital that only 3% of reviews overall expressed this problem.

WFCO (WF-9855 55 Amp Deck Mount Converter
  • Quiet operation is assured as the cooling fan runs only when required by the electric load.Fit Type:...
  • Fully insulated DC connections are made for protection with an open-top design for ease of use for...
  • Model WF-9855; Bulk Mode (Quick Charging Voltage): 14.4V DC

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I think this is a good product, and I would strongly recommend it to any RVers in the market to replace their old one. The WFCO converter/charger is both lightweight and quiet while charging, and it lasts long enough to charge your machine over many trips. The WFCO converter/charger is a reliable converter worthy of your consideration.

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