Schumacher PC-3000 Power Inverter Review

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When you’re cruising around on the road in your RV, it’s essential to make sure that you have a power inverter that’s powerful enough for you to charge up all of your devices. Suitable power inverters can keep you plugged in all of the time on the road, and I love my Schumacher PC-3000 power inverter because it gets the job done right and is really easy to use.

The Details

This power inverter switches 12 volt battery power to 120 volt AC energy, which allows you to power up big appliances like refrigerators. It’s an extremely useful thing to have, and it’s vital if you’re going to be making long trips. The power inverter has four NEMA 5-15 USA AC ports and two five volt 2A USB plugins so that you can charge multiple appliances and devices at the same time. I like the USB plugins because I enjoy having a spot to charge up my cell phone.

Additionally, it comes with an alarm that goes off if your battery is low, as well as an LED display that lets you know where you are at with it at all times. If the Schumacher PC-3000 Power Inverter gets too warm, it has a built-in thermal protection feature that forcibly shuts it down, although it’s unlikely to overheat thanks to two fans that keep it nice and cool. It also has a surge protection feature, so you can rest assured that it will never short out.

What I Liked

As an RV enthusiast, the Schumacher PC-3000 Power Inverter gave me a lot to like. It’s exceptionally easy to install, and if you have any questions about what goes where there’s good information on their website and also through YouTube tutorials. I enjoyed this particular feature because it made it easy for me to plug it in and go simply.

The other great thing about this particular product is that it’s really durable. It can run several appliances all at one time. I’ve even powered up my television, refrigerator, and stand-alone freezer on this inverter with no problems whatsoever and have even had enough juice left over to keep my cell phone battery full.

I love the surge protection feature, especially since I tend to take my RV out on longer trips. You never know when you might run into some crazy type of electricity, and electrical shortages tend to totally fry certain kinds of inverters. I’ve certainly been in the position before where my inverter stopped working due to a freak electrical outage. This can be really dangerous if you’re out on the road.

I also liked the fact that it has a built-in system to stop itself from overheating. I’m constantly worried about electrical damage or fires in my RV, and that particular feature helps me to rest easy that I’m not going to start a fire by mistake.

The Schumacher PC-3000 Power Inverter is one of my top choices for the best RV power inverter.


Although this power inverter is very robust, and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who takes their RV out on the road for a long haul, there are a few drawbacks. It happens! Although it can handle multiple appliances, sometimes, when you plug in too much stuff at once, it gets overwhelmed. You have to stagger the times that you’re plugging in the appliances or products to make sure that you’re not completely swamping the inverter.

I also didn’t like how quickly it seemed to need to recharge. Compared to other power inverters, this one tends to lose battery a little bit quicker. It’s really not a huge deal, but if you’re going to buy one of these, you should keep an eye on it.

Reviews From Other RVers

Although this wasn’t my experience, other RVers have said that the Schumacher PC-3000 Power Inverter sometimes has trouble switching on and off. This might be the result of the thermal protection feature kicking in, or possibly it’s a bug with the power inverter that I’m just not aware of.

One other RVer reported sparks coming out of the inverter when they unplugged it. Again, it’s not my experience, but you will want to make sure that you’ve installed it correctly right from the beginning and keep an eye on it if it starts to act a little bit funny.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Schumacher PC-3000 Power Inverter is an excellent choice for anyone making a long journey in their RV. It won’t let you down, it’s easy to use, and you can plug in multiple appliances all at once. I use mine all of the time, and I can rest easy that it’s fully surge protected, so you never have to worry about it shorting out due to an electrical problem. I highly recommend it to anyone!

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