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Whether you are new to RV living or are a lifelong traveler, you have likely come across this slippery issue: RV steps. Most steps are made of metal that can become slick in even the best weather conditions.

Your RV is a significant investment, and you should be able to enjoy it for years to come. Extend the lifetime of your investment by choosing the best RV step covers for your vehicle.

Stick the Landing with These RV Step Covers

Best RV Step Cover Best For:
Safety Step Sand Away Most Durable
Prest-o-Fit Wraparound Wraparound Mat
Camco Wraparound Most Affordable
Camco 42942 Black Premium Wraparound Premium Cover
Prest-o-Fit 5-1090 Decorian Interior Step Cover

Our RV Step Cover Reviews

Below are our reviews of some of the best step covers you’re going to find for your RV.

Most Durable

Safety Step Sand Away

We strongly recommend the Safety Step Sand Away for any heavy-steppers, rambunctious pets, full-time RV enthusiasts, or folks who just put a lot of wear and tear on their products. Safety Step is a company that has focused entirely on creating non-slip, heavy-duty stepping stool products.

Their eye for durability is evident in the Sand Away step cover line. The materials used to create this cover act as a scrubber against all shoes. It’s weather-resistant and easy to clean. All you need to do is hose it off.

You can purchase this long-lasting step cover in several sizes to match the size of your vehicle. Ranging from small to large, and rectangular or curved, you can find what you need.

This RV step is easy to install – it’s attached using zip ties. You won’t need any additional tools to get this product ready for your RV.

It’s one of the pricier options we recommend, but we can vouch that you’ll get your money’s worth.

SAFETY STEP SA08-00 Sand Away Step Rug Charcoal
  • Stop dirt and grit in their tracks
  • Keeps debris out of your RV
  • Easy installation without tools

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  • Easy attachment
  • Bristles wipe away dirt, grime, and mud
  • Can be quickly cleaned with a hose
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes in several sizes


  • One of the pricier options
  • Comes in only one color

Best Wraparound Mat

Prest-o-Fit Wraparound

For an inexpensive and sturdy step cover, check out the Prest-o-Fit Wraparound mat. This product withstands the elements. The step cover is easy to clean, and it’s resistant to mold and mildew. This product will stop dirt in its tracks and help add some much-needed traction to your steps.

The Prest-o-Fit Wraparound step cover comes in eight colors – from a brightly colored green to a sleek black or burgundy wine. Prest-o-Fit designed the mat to be UV-protected as well. The color will hold up against sun damage.

This wraparound step cover fits rectangular, straight steps up to eight inches deep. You’ll need to seek out a different cover if you have curved steps or huge RV steps.

The wraparound mat is easy enough to install. It comes with its own springs. It is, however, lightweight compared to other step cover options. The cover could result in more visible wear and tear if used frequently.

Prest-O-Fit 2-0041 Wraparound Step Rugs, 18" -...
  • Durable, weather-resistant rug
  • Easy to install, fits most manual and electric steps
  • UV-protected outdoor turf with marine backing

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  • Weather-resistant, UV resistant
  • Simple installation
  • Comes in several colors
  • Traps sand, dirt, and mud through its bristle design
  • Budget-friendly


  • Fits only straight steps, limited sizes
  • Its thinner material may make it less durable for hard-use

Most Affordable

Camco Wraparound

Put some cash back in your wallet. The most affordable, highest-quality RV step cover on our list is the Camco Wraparound mat. Made using natural fibers, the bristles on these mats will increase the traction on your steps while also cutting down unwanted dirt.

This wraparound mat is available in two sizes (18 or 23 inches) and four colors. It wraps around your step and attaches using hook springs. The company provides the springs; all you need to do is loop them through the holes in your mat.

The mat material and bristles consist of a softer material- it resembles a carpet. This fabric will be softer on bare feet than harder plastic bristles, but it’s less weather resistant and likely not as easy to clean. These mats require a harder scrub than plastic ones for cleaning. Users should also be sure that the mats are fully dry to prevent rust on your RV step.

Camco Wrap Around RV Step Rug - For Manual &...
2,592 Reviews
Camco Wrap Around RV Step Rug - For Manual &...
  • POWER SCRUB TRAPS & CLEANS: Keep your RV interior clean and dirt-free with Camco's Wrap Around RV...
  • COMPATIBILITY: This versatile RV stair cover fits 18" wide steps and accommodates depths from 8" to...
  • FLEX-TECH INSTALLATION: Wrap this camper step rug around your existing step and hook the adjustable...

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  • Simple installation
  • Comes in several colors and sizes
  • Bristles aren’t as hard on bare feet
  • Increase step traction
  • Budget-friendly


  • Softer mats require proper cleaning
  • Spring hooks in this kit aren’t very durable, consider zip ties

Best Premium Cover

Camco 42942 Black Premium Wraparound

Get the biggest bang for your buck with the Camco 42942 Black Premium Wraparound step cover. Available in four different colors and several sizes, this mat will both look great on your vehicle and protect you and your RV.

This wraparound is made of artificial turf. The material is fast-drying and easy to clean. You won’t need to worry about the mat becoming too damp for your RV step. It’s both weather and mildew resistant. We can leave it attached to the RV and not have to worry about it causing rust issues. Artificial turf also holds its form well- it won’t sag or become matted as quickly over time.

You won’t need to worry about the mat sliding around. It comes with TPE backing, which leaves a firm grip on your step. The Camco Premium Wraparound has a no-tools-required installation. It comes with several springs, but several buyers online say you should skip the hook springs and buy zip ties instead. Those will provide a sturdy base for this non-slip mat.


  • Material is easy to clean, weather-resistant
  • TPE backing prevents the mat from sliding around on your RV steps
  • Covers come in several sizes, colors
  • Holds shape over time and can fit larger RV steps
  • Budget-friendly


  • Camco’s hook ties aren’t reliable – we recommend zip ties instead
  • The step cover’s larger size may result in RV owners needing to wrap it around steps several times; could be a complicated sizing process

Best Interior Step Cover

Prest-o-Fit 5-1090 Decorian

Not every RV step is an exterior step capable of wraparound mats. There is still plenty of resistant, secure, and heavy-duty step covers on the market for vehicles with interior steps.

The Prest-o-Fit 1090 Decorian Step Huggers are our choice for all interior steps. These covers immediately reduce your chance for slipping- cutting down on any accidents that can occur climbing steps to and from your RV bathroom or bedroom, for example.

The material for this step cover is olefin carpeting. That olefin fiber helps make this carpet resistant to staining or mildew. It’s also known for holding its color and being softer on bare feet. Olefin is a strong material designed to last, helping you get the most from your investment.

The Prest-o-Fit Decorian can be removed and reattached to most surfaces. It sticks to surfaces by a velcro adhesive. The cover is about eight inches deep and will fit the average RV step. Each order comes with one mat, which is typical when purchasing step covers. You’ll need to buy separate covers for each of your steps.

Prest-O-Fit 5-1090 Decorian Step Huggers For RV...
  • Help protect your RV interior and can be removed and reattached as needed
  • Easy to install, they securely fasten to most hard stair surfaces with hook-and-loop fastening...
  • Made of heavy-duty olefin carpet

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  • Velcro adhesive prevents mats from slipping on steps
  • Cover traps dirt and adds traction to steps
  • Fits most average RV interior steps
  • Fabric fiber is soft under your feet
  • Available in four colors


  • Its carpet-like material can be prone to snagging
  • Only available in one size (although that size fits an average RV step)

Recap: The Best RV Step Covers

Factors to Consider When Buying an RV Step Cover

As we wrap up our in-depth review of the best RV step covers on the market, there are several things you should consider when selecting the right option for you.

Depth and Width of Steps

First, check out the shape and size of your RV steps. Consider using a ruler to determine how deep and wide your steps are. Determining the shape of your step will help sort out whether an interior, curved, or wraparound cover is best.

Texture and Traction

It’s essential to estimate the amount of use your step cover will receive. Are you a full-time RVer? Will you be tracking dirt up and down your steps frequently? Will kids or older adults be using your RV’s steps? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions- you’ll need to focus on finding durable step covers. Look for covers with a ribbed texture to maximize dirt-trapping and foot traction.


An additional factor to consider is the amount of money you’re willing to budget out for this investment. Fortunately, RV step covers are usually a quick and cheap fix. Keep an eye on the materials used for the step cover, and you’ll be able to find a safe, quality cover to match your budget limits.


Finally, check out the tools you have available for installation. If your toolbox is coming up empty, some RV step covers don’t require any extra tools for attaching. For example, if you buy step covers that come with spring hooks or Zip Ties, you won’t need additional installation tools. You’ll be able to hook and secure through the holes in the mat.

Figuring out precisely what kind of features you need in an RV step cover will ultimately help save you time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RV Step Cover?

An RV step cover is a rug barrier that protects both you and your vehicle. The covers are typically a strip of sturdy carpeting or plastic that sticks or attaches to your vehicle’s metal steps. Here is a helpful guide on how to get rid of carpet moths

Covers can come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and materials. Companies design some covers to fit curved steps or interior RV steps specifically. The best RV step covers won’t just reduce any slip risks going in and out of your trailer. They also trap dirt and mud, further protecting the interior of your vehicle.

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