Best RV Cargo Carriers – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

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RV life is all about the freedom to travel wherever you want to go. Being able to pick up and drive to a new place is exciting. While your travel options are limitless, your storage options inside an RV can be quite limited. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice being able to carry exactly what you need when you’re always on the go.

Consider looking for an RV cargo carrier box to provide you with the additional space that you will need. Safely tuck away all of that extra luggage, tools, or sports equipment in your carrier.

Choosing a cargo carrier that is suitable for your lifestyle can depend on many factors. Ease of installation, capacity, and price are all things to consider when making this investment. Find our top picks for the best RV cargo carriers below.

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Add Valuable Storage Space with These Cargo Carriers

Best RV Cargo CarrierBest For:
JEGS Performance Rooftop Cargo CarrierRooftop Carrier
Mount-n-Lock GennyGoBumper Mounted Carrier
ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo CarrierHeavy-Duty Carrier
Goplus Cargo Carrier BasketMost Affordable
Pro Series Black Reese Cargo CarrierMost Durable
Tricam ACC-1FHitch-Mounted Carrier

Our RV Cargo Carrier Reviews

Take a more in-depth look at our reviews for each recommendation. Analyze your wants, needs, and pros and cons of each to pick the one best suited to your RV escapades.

Best Rooftop Carrier

JEGS Performance Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The JEGS Performance Rooftop Cargo Carrier is our top pick if you are looking for the best rooftop option. The assembly process is easy as the product comes with everything you need. No additional tools are required. The appropriately placed hinges mean unloading your belongings is convenient from either side of the vehicle you choose. This cargo carrier also has plenty of space, with 18 cubic feet of storage protected in a water-tight seal.

The large storage capacity does mean that this product can be an unwieldy accessory to load up on your own. This is especially true if your RV is particularly tall. Having a partner help you with the installation process may be necessary. Another point to consider is the materials used for this product. It is made of plastic, which is durable, but may not last for an extended period or through strenuous conditions.

Overall, this product offers the best rooftop carrier option for your extra storage needs. Traveling across the country and being always on the move can be difficult, but the JEGS Performance Rooftop Cargo Carrier will support you (and your stuff) the whole ride.

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Car Storage - Large...
  • Secure & protect your gear in this 18 cubic ft. HDPE plastic hard shell vehicle cargo carrier;...
  • Weatherproof storage for your luggage with a four corner locking system, front latch, and...
  • Easy & convenient loading and unloading from either side of the car make for smooth travel and...

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  • Easy Assembly
  • Convenient loading and unloading from 2 sides
  • Waterproof storage
  • Large storage capacity
  • Made in the USA


  • Large and unwieldy
  • Top of vehicle storage only
  • Plastic material

Best Bumper Mounted Carrier

Mount-n-Lock GennyGo

For a bumper-mounted cargo carrier, check out the Mount-n-Lock GennyGo tray kit. This RV cargo carrier attaches straight to your bumper if you find that you prefer this attachment to a hitch cargo carrier style. With the included mounting hardware, putting together your carrier tray is a breeze. There are three assembly options available for your convenience when using this product. The 125 lb/ft weight capacity will hold the cargo that you need for an RV life. Even your generator can be safely secured on the platform for ease of mind.

Although this tray may not seem that large at 2 ft by 2 ft, there is a fantastic advantage. Multiple trays can be combined to form a larger and more supportive tray. This will allow you to create up to an 8-foot wide platform for maximum storage space. Also, since this is just a tray, you will have to purchase storage bins to carry what you need appropriately.

GennyGo RevX2 RV Bumper-Mounted Generator & Cargo...
  • Fits Largest Variety of Bumper Sizes: 4.0, 4.5, 5.3, 6.0 Inch and More
  • Amazing Strength to Weight Ratio - Surprisingly Strong Yet Light Weight When Correctly Assembled
  • Easily Secure Cargo - Dozens of Tie-Down Points - More than Any Other Cargo Carrier Out There

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  • Combinable trays
  • 125 lb capacity
  • Three assembly configurations – one will work for you
  • Easy installation


  • Cargo tray only
  • The size is only 2 ft. by 2 ft.

Best Heavy-Duty Carrier

ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

Your heavy-duty cargo carrier is the ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier. This basket is built to last, resist rust, and avoid scratches. The high-quality steel construction and durable coating help it last through wear, tear, and the elements. Y

our RV travel will only improve with this steel carrier’s attachment to hold all of your cargo. The 56-inch wide basket is sure to handle any capacity of gear you can throw at it. The assembly process includes only two pieces, so it is quick.

This heavy-duty product is almost 75 lbs of steel, so consider enlisting a travel-mate to help you put this together even faster. If the weight is no issue, then installation of the tow vehicle receiver should be no problem.

You may have to consider purchasing reflective tape or cargo lights due to this cargo carrier’s large dimensions. Safety for your vehicle and others is essential. Another aspect to consider is the price – this product is at the higher end of price points for cargo carriers.

ROLA 59502 Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier,...
  • Assembled Dimensions: 56 x 23 x 5 Inches. Rainproof-No
  • HIGH-CAPACITY SYSTEM: Free up space in your vehicle with the robust capacity of this hitch cargo...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Strong, high-quality, heavy-duty steel construction with a durable black powder...

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  • Hitch mount
  • Heavy duty
  • High capacity
  • Quick assembly
  • Good for RV or van


  • Most expensive
  • We may have to purchase reflective tape or cargo lights
  • Potentially too heavy for one person

Most Affordable

Goplus Cargo Carrier Basket

For an affordable cargo carrier option, the Goplus Cargo Carrier Basket is your top choice. For an affordable price, this carrier basket will allow you to store tons of extra equipment on your RV road trip. The frame is made from solid steel, which makes it durable.

The railing on this product comes up 4 inches, ensuring that your cargo is secured. The hardware necessary for installing the carrier to the vehicle hitch receiver is all included, making the process that much easier.

At an affordable price, you may be sacrificing quality on some of the parts of the cargo carrier basket. The coating on the rack may not be rust-resistant entirely or able to hold up for a long time. Since this is solely a basket, you will have to find storage containers that are secure enough to hold what you will need to travel with.

Goplus® 500LBS Cargo Carrier Basket Hitch Mount...
  • 【Safe Raised Fence & Red Reflector】The 4 inch tall side rail around the cargo basket keeps your...
  • 【Solid & Durable Construction】This trailer hitch cargo basket is constructed from solid steel...
  • 【Universal 2" Hitch Receiver】Universal design makes the cargo basket trailer fits virtually any...

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  • Affordable
  • Solid frame
  • Easy installation
  • Raised fence


  • The quality of all parts may be lacking
  • Cargo tray only

Most Durable

Pro Series Black Reese Cargo Carrier

The Pro Series Black Reese Cargo Carrier will be your top choice for the most durable construction yet. This hitch carrier basket is designed to be hitch-mounted to your RV. Have you ever had a cargo box that scraped the ground on low driveways?

The elevated hitch cargo carrier design on this product holds your cargo up for better ground clearance as you drive. Don’t worry about corrosion, as the black powder coating on this hitch carrier will protect the hitch rack from rust and scratches.

This Pro Series of cargo carriers is on the more expensive end, but it may be worth the extra cost – especially when considering the durability of the product. Its large capacity is great if you are considering using your carrier to transport bikes – just keep in mind that bike racks clips are not included. Along with a light system, they are available but at an additional cost. When purchasing this carrier, consider whether these factors align with your needs.

Pro Series Cargo Carrier with Bag and Carrier...
  • Pro Series 63153 60" x 24" Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier (Black)
  • Rola 59102 Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag
  • Rola 20174 Red Cargo Carrier Light Kit

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  • Hitch-mounted
  • Black powder coat
  • Ground clearance
  • Large capacity


  • Higher-end price
  • Cargo tray only
  • Separate purchase for bike clips and light system

Best Hitch-Mounted Carrier

Tricam ACC-1F

Different hitch cargo carriers are designed to be attached in various ways, but the Tricam ACC-1F is the one of best hitch cargo carriers available. The lightweight aluminum that the best hitch cargo carrier is constructed with makes it easy for one person to install it in one step. The combination of that aluminum with steel makes for a robust design that will last through your RV adventures. The 50 in. by 20 in. platforms and 500-pound capacity make this carrier the ultimate storage space for your gear.

While assembly is easy, you may have to buy some of the hardware to put together some of the best hitch cargo carriers. Bolts to secure the tray to the hitch and metal straps to secure your cargo load are recommended. This may be an inconvenience to consider before making your official purchase. This product also falls at a mid-range price. If you are looking for something cheaper for different quality, then this hitch-mounted carrier may not be it.

Tricam ACC-1F Hitch Mounted Aluminum Cargo...
246 Reviews
Tricam ACC-1F Hitch Mounted Aluminum Cargo...
  • Hitch-mounted cargo carrier to expand your vehicle`s cargo space
  • Constructed of strong, ultra-light aluminum and steel
  • 50-inch by 20-inch platform gives you the extra storage you need

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  • Hitch-mounted
  • Strong design
  • Large storage area
  • 1-step assembly


  • Might need to buy hardware to install
  • Mid-range price

Recap: The Best RV Cargo Carriers

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an RV Cargo Carrier

When looking at an RV cargo carrier, there’s more to consider than just the price tag. In fact, some of the factors you’ll want to think about include storage capacity, installation, and durability.

Storage Capacity and Access

Think about how much extra storage space you may need. Some hitch or bumper-mounted cargo carriers may offer less storage capacity than, say, a rooftop carrier. If you are looking for maximum space outside of your RV, then a rooftop carrier will be your best bet.

The more limited space on the hitch-mounted options will be more suited to carrying smaller coolers or storage containers. These will also be easier to access versus a top-of-vehicle option, especially on your taller RVs.

Security and Ease of Installation

To make sure all of your cargo is protected, inside and outside of your vehicle, the security of your cargo carrier is another factor to consider. Each of our top picks has an easy installation process to safely secure the product to your vehicle. Whether that is on top of your RV or at its tail, you should feel that your cargo carrier is attached and steady.


For a product that will go with you over miles and miles of trips, you want something that is durable and will last through some wear and tear. Take advantage of our top picks to narrow down the most durable options for you. If you are looking at steel or aluminum options, we have you covered with picks that will stand the test of time and travel.


While price shouldn’t be the only factor you look at, it should be one of them. Even if you are not budgeting, an economical pick will only help you and your pockets out. Believe it or not, there are some lower-end options available that are reliable and sturdy. For instance, our affordable option on this list provides you with a fair amount of storage. The higher-end options go the extra mile for quality and design if that is what you value most.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the appropriate RV cargo carrier for your trip from our top picks above will make your choice that much easier. Your storage, pricing, and durability needs will be met, and your RV life will be made more convenient and comfortable.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Cargo Carriers Legal?

Cargo Carriers are absolutely legal. Be sure to double-check that everything is secure and that your carrier is not overloaded with weight. If your carrier or hitch stabilizer fails you could be liable for any damage that happens to other vehicles on the road.

How Much Weight Can A Cargo Carrier Hold?

All carriers are specific in the amount of weight they can hold. Your hitch can also support more weight than you could fit in your carrier so if anything were to fail it would be the carrier itself. Check with the manufacturer or dealer to double-check the weight rating for your cargo carrier if you are not sure about how much weight it can support.

Does Your Cargo Carrier Need To Have Lights?

Generally speaking, as long as your cargo carrier does not cover the tail lights on your vehicle then you do not need to add lights to your cargo carrier. However, if you have items on your cargo carrier that might obstruct your tail lights, you will need to install a set of tail lights on your carrier to alert other drivers.

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