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An RV flag pole is a fixture at tailgates for several sporting events like football games or NASCAR. You’ll even find them flying high and proud at campgrounds around the country.

Since RV owners are always traveling, it means that your flagpole and flag pole mounts should be portable. Apart from that, there are also other factors you should consider before choosing from the RV flagpoles available on the market. In this article, we are going to look at the factors you should consider when purchasing RV flagpoles and a list of the best RV flagpoles available on the market at the moment.

Fly Your Colors with These RV Flag Poles for Your RV

Best RV Flag PoleBest For:
Martin’s Flag Co. PVC FlagpoleMost Lightweight
HOOSUN Premium Garden FlagpoleMost Portable
Flagpole Buddy Flagpole KitFlag Kit
Camco 20’ Portable Telescoping FlagpoleTelescoping Flag Pole
Yeshom 20ft Aluminum FlagpoleMultiple Flags

Our RV Flag Pole Reviews

Okay, let’s take a deeper look at reviews for each of our recommendations.

Most Lightweight

Martin’s Flag Co. PVC Flagpole

The Martin’s Flag Co. PVC flagpole comprises high-quality furniture grade PVC that is resistant to UV rays and ensures maximum protection against outdoor elements. The piece with the 45 degrees and ‘T’ fitting is well primed and glued to reduce setup time and to give you a superior quality setup.

This flag pole comes with a 3’x5’ flag. The production of the flag is certified by the Flag Manufacturing Association. Setting up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Both the flag pole and products used to make the flag come from the USA. This flag pole is ideal for fixing on your tailgate, campsite, or yard, among others.

It also comes with a washer, metal stake, and plugs at the end of exposed pieces to prevent water and debris from getting in.

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  • Great for use at your campsite, yard, tailgate and much more. Set up is easy and only takes a couple...
  • Made with 1" Diameter high quality Furniture Grade PVC that resists UV rays and has no unsightly...
  • The 3'x5' flag you get with this flagpole is certified by the Flag Manufacturing Association to be...

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  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Durable and resistant to UV rays
  • Lightweight material that makes it easy to carry in your RV


  • It is only suitable for mounting on the ground
  • Cannot break down into smaller pieces for easy transportation

Most Portable

HOOSUN Premium Garden Flagpole

The HOOSUN Premium Garden Flagpole is a three-piece collapsing decorative flagpole made of black metal for a sturdy design. The flag pole contains spring stoppers and a tiger clip. The spring stoppers easily adjust to different sizes of RV flag poles. The tiger clip secures your flag tightly to prevent it from blowing away during a storm.

It can hold a flag with a width of up to 13 inches. It has a curve at the top to add style to your RV. This flag pole is easy to set up, store, and transport due to its collapsible nature. The product comes in a thick plastic bag for purposes of easy storage and transportation.

HOOSUN Garden Flag Stand, Premium Garden Flag Pole...
  • ★ Sturdy Design: Made out of black metal for a sturdy design, 3 piece collapsible pole for easy...
  • ★Exquisite Design Flagpole Accessories:1* Tiger Clip,The eyelet flips back and the clamp pops...
  • ★ The Perfect Garden Flag Stand: Can display your favorite flag at your front door or backyard...

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  • Collapsible design makes setting up, storage, and transportation easy
  • The black metal makes it sturdy
  • The tiger clip and spring stoppers ensure that the flag does not slip off
  • Holds onto the ground well


  • It has poor threading at the screw joints
  • It cannot survive bad weather, especially in a very windy area

Best Flag Kit

Flagpole Buddy Flagpole Kit

The Flagpole Buddy Flagpole Kit design is specifically for RV owners who want to mount their flagpoles on an RV ladder on their RV’s rear door. The kit includes a chrome plastic ball topper, a fiberglass telescoping pole, four clips that allow the flying of two flags, and any additional hardware required for fixing the flag.

The flagpole’s material comprises fiberglass that is light in weight and durable. It can collapse to a height of around 4 feet, which makes it easy to store and transport. When installed, the flagpole reaches a height of 22 feet. It holds flags of up to 3’x5’. This flagpole can mount on virtually any flat surface.

FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 22 Feet
721 Reviews
FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 22 Feet
  • “Don’t Climb the Ladder Again!” Angle pole in from ground level
  • Sturdy 22ft fiberglass telescoping flag pole system
  • Top of pole will be about 27ft from the ground level with our mounts

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  • It is light in weight and portable
  • The flagpole can fly two flags together
  • This flagpole is compatible with both round and square RV ladders
  • It is flexible


  • Setting up an RV ladders mount tends to be tricky
  • This flagpole does not come with a flag
  • The silver ball at the top of the pole is a bit frail

Best Telescoping Flag Pole

Camco 20’ Portable Telescoping Flagpole

The Camco 20’ Portable Telescopic Flagpole features a lock system and a push-button. Made from anodized aluminum, which is rust-free, the flag pole does not bend even when the wind is blowing hard. The flag pole extends up to 20’ and can collapse to a height of about 64”. Its collapsible nature makes it easy for you to set up, store, and transport it.

This product includes a 3’x5’ flag and a tire holder to help the flag pole mount. The process of mounting is simple and does not consume a lot of time. The flag pole can easily hold up two flags at the same time.

Unfortunately, the flag pole has a flimsy holder. It leans forward because the holder is not strong enough to support it. The holder needs to be thicker so that it can easily hold it up, so you may need to buy a different holder.

Camco Telescoping Camper/RV Flagpole Kit |...
  • CELEBRATE YOUR PATRIOTIC SPIRIT: Get the outdoor decor you want without sacrificing quality and...
  • FLY YOUR FLAGS IN STYLE: With the included hardware, this RV flag pole kit allows you to fly two...
  • KIT INCLUDES: This complete 20ft flag pole kit comes with a tire-anchored flagpole holder for truck,...

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  • The flagpole is rust-free and durable
  • This flagpole’s collapsible nature makes it easy for storage and transportation
  • It is easy to set up
  • It can hold up two flags at once
  • It comes with a 3’x5’ American flag


  • The flagpole holder is too thin to hold up the flagpole

Best for Multiple Flags

Yeshom 20ft Aluminum Flagpole

The Yeshom 20ft Aluminum Flagpole comes with a handcrafted finial at the top. The flag pole has a 16-gauge aluminum that is heavy-duty, rust-free, durable, and strong enough to withstand outdoor elements. In the case of heavy winds or other severe weather conditions causing damage to the flag pole, you should dismantle it immediately.

When fixing the flag pole, you should put it in a hole deeper than 16” to ensure that it is secured firmly. The flag pole is tangle-free and can fly up to 3 flags. The rotating shaft at the top prevents a flag from tangling when it is windy.

It has an easy setup due to its Twist Locking System that features a rotating look between each section. The system allows you to adjust the flag pole within minutes. It has a PVC sheet at the bottom of the flag pole to protect it from corrosion. It also comes with a one-year warranty and an American flag made of 100% polyester. Unfortunately, the top two segments of the flagpole bend easily.

Yescom 20ft Telescopic Aluminum Flag Pole Free...
3,607 Reviews
Yescom 20ft Telescopic Aluminum Flag Pole Free...
  • [Telescoping Flagpole Kit]: Includes a 20 ft aluminum telescopic flagpole, a golden and a silver top...
  • [Freely Fly Your American Pride]: Show your independence, democracy and strong patriotic spirit and...
  • [Tangle Free & Flying 2 Flags]: The 1st & 2nd sections of the flagpole can hold up to 3x5 ft flag...

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  • It is easy to setup
  • Durable, rust-free, and can withstand outdoor elements
  • It can hold up to 3 flags
  • The shaft at the top rotates to prevent flags from tangling when windy
  • The Gold ball at the top improves the aesthetic value of the flagpole


  • The two segments at the top can easily bend

Recap: The Best RV Flag Poles

Factors to Consider When Buying an RV Flag Pole

Here are some of the main factors you should look at when deciding on a good flag pole for your camper.


The three materials used in the production of RV flag poles include steel, aluminum, and plastic. Steel is durable, which means it can survive various weather elements and different terrains. On the other hand, it is heavy and susceptible to rust. Aluminum, however, is relatively durable and light in weight.

Among the three, plastic is the most popular because it is cheaper, lightweight, and can mold into various designs.


The height of your RV flagpole is directly proportional to the size of the RV. For instance, big RVs with short RV flag poles make the flag look small and are hardly visible to others.

Having a bigger RV does not necessarily mean that you require a very tall flag pole. The average height should be about 15 feet for safety, especially during rainy weather. Ultimately though, height is really a personal preference.


The weight helps determine the ease of installation and whether your RV can carry the flag pole. A flagpole that weighs a lot will make installation hectic and time-consuming. Maintenance, in terms of cleaning and repairing, will also consume your time and energy.

Before purchasing an RV flag pole, you should check whether your RV’s base is strong enough to handle heavy poles. If your RV base is not strong enough, you should choose a lightweight flagpole because a heavy one can cause a lot of strain on your RV.

Mount Type

Before fixing the flag pole to the RV, you need to decide whether you will do so with a ladder mount, hitch mount, or tire mount. For a ladder mount, the flagpole is on a ladder. In a tire mount, the weight of your RV holds up the flagpole.

It is crucial to know the flag pole mount type you will use to ensure that all parts required in fixing the flag pole are available. For instance, a tire mount requires the flag pole to be attached to a flat panel placed underneath your RV’s parked tires.


When purchasing an RV flag pole, you should choose one that is affordable for you. Some are expensive but last for a long time. Some RV owners prefer cheaper RV flag poles because they are more available and easy to replace while trying to limit RV living costs.

Durability and Flexibility

The durability mostly depends on the materials used in production. An RV flag pole should be durable enough to survive the weather elements, changes in terrain, a sudden drop in temperature, and constant motion.

When it comes to flexibility, some RV owners prefer flexible RV flag poles so that they do not break in the presence of heavy winds. Others prefer sturdy RV flag poles that can withstand coming into contact with objects such as tree branches.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is fiberglass or aluminum better for flag poles?

This depends on the size of the flag you want to fly and the wind. Fiberglass is brittle and can break easily so unless you have a small flag or are not worried about the wind then you will probably want an aluminum flag pole.

Are telescoping flag poles worth it?

We think they are! Telescoping RV flag poles allow you to adjust the height of your flag and also make it much easier for you to store when it is time to leave your campsite.

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