Progressive Dynamics 9200 Series Converter/Charger Review

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If you’re in the market for a new converter/charging system for your RV, the PD9200 series offers great charging power without overdoing it.  It comes equipped with valuable features such as The Charging Wizard, which allows for swift charging of the battery, and offers an overcharging protection safety feature that is imperative for RV owners.

Let’s take a look at some of the Progressive Dynamics 9200 series converter/charger features and what others are saying about it.

The Details

The Progressive Dynamics 9200 series converter/charger is an excellent way for any RVer to manage their battery life. There is no greater comfort to an RV owner than knowing they have the necessities of traveling on the open road without worry. Whether you’re running the lights at night, cooking, or storing food in the fridge, you know if the battery goes down, so does your enjoyment and perishable supplies.

The Progressive Dynamics 9200 converter provides reliable filtered DC power to the RV 12-volt appliances and lighting circuits. The PD9200 converter also provides quick and safe recharging of your recreational vehicle’s batteries.

There are built-in safety features, such as electronic current limiting ability, reverse battery protection, high and low voltage protection, and automatic shut down if the unit becomes overheated.

The Charge Wizard is a microprocessor-controlled system that monitors the battery voltage for quick and safe recharging when it runs low. The Charge Wizard can also select from one of three charge voltages, and it has four operating modes to choose from, depending on the wear and use of the battery.

The modes of the Charge Wizard are:

  • BOOST Mode 14.4 Volts: This mode quickly brings the RV’s battery to 90% of its complete charge.
  • NORMAL Mode 13.6 Volts: This mode performs the charge of the battery securely.
  • STORAGE Mode 13.2 Volts: This mode allows the battery to maintain a charge with insignificant water loss.
  • EQUALIZATION Mode14.4 Volts: This mode limits battery stratification and sulfation, which is the main cause of battery failure. This process occurs every 21 hours for 15 minutes.

What I Liked

One of the best things about RV living is when something is easy to install, and this unit took no time at all. It offers peace of mind, and I don’t have to worry about it overcharging my battery.

The PD9200 series converter/charger offers the lowest ground fault leakage, so I can use my RC’s AC outlets and not worry about a ground fault interruption due to the power source.

For anyone worried about short-circuiting their battery, the converter can sense if the output terminals have a short and will then limit the current. If the short continues, it automatically protects itself, then returns to normal operating once you have repaired the short circuit.

I can use AC, turn on multiple lights, and utilize my RV’s amenities as I want, without losing power or the lights dimming. The Charge Wizard is a great feature that constantly monitors the RV’s battery and automatically adjusts the output based on the battery’s voltage remaining.

Each of the Charge Wizard’s four operating modes, boost, normal, storage, and equalization, are selected automatically by the microprocessor to ensure quick and safe recharging of your RV’s battery.

The Progressive Dynamics 9200 Series Converter/Charger is one of my top picks for the best RV power converter.


The charging time required for initial set-up can be a bit daunting, as it does take a bit of time to get the power up to full capacity; about 4 hours in my case. Once it’s charged, the automatic features kick in, and it’s pretty easy to forget about it.

If the unit runs on a high mode for an extended period of time, the fan does make a bit of noise, but if that doesn’t bother you, it won’t be an issue.

The PD9200 Series isn’t at the top of the market chain, but it does what it has to do though it doesn’t offer a great deal more than that. I can say that even though it’s not as fancy as some of the more expensive models, it gets the job done.

Reviews From Other RVers

Some other RV users have reported that their converter/charger has stopped working after a short period of time and that reaching customer service at Progressive Dynamics was difficult. A few people mentioned that the fan runs loudly and the ground wire connector of the PD9200 model was smaller than a unit they had previously used.

Some RV users who purchased this converter say that the battery became too hot, but they did not specify the converter’s voltage. There are different output levels, so make sure that you get the correct voltage for the size of your battery and your RV unit.

Progressive International Dynamics PD9260CV...
  • Includes built-in Charge Wizard.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Reverse battery protection prevents damage from improper battery lead connection
  • Filtered DC power delivery provides safe and reliable service

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Final Thoughts

With an easy installation, reasonable price, and the ability to actually use the features that your RV offers without worrying about a power failure or dimming lights, this converter/charger is a great choice.

I would recommend this product for peace of mind and pure reliability alone; all the other features are just a bonus. If you’re looking for a no-frills but reliable charger/converter, you won’t be disappointed with the PD9200 series of converter/chargers.

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