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Whether you’ve been living life on the road for some time now or are looking to begin your on-the-go journey, one of the most important things you can buy is your RV mattress. Comfort is key in most situations, and just like living in a traditional home, you will want a comfortable mattress that suits your needs.

Mattress shopping and RV mattress shopping aren’t too different from one another, but there are a few things to consider when purchasing RV beds that can make the feat a little more difficult. To help you out, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best RV mattresses complete with specifications, pros, and cons.

Take a look at our top choices and let us know if you have any questions!

The Best Mattresses for Snoozing on the Road

Best RV Mattresses Category
Tochta Mattresses Best Customizable RV Mattress
Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress Best RV Mattress for Staying Cool
Serenia Sleep 8″ Memory Foam RV Mattress Best Memory Foam RV Mattress
DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress Best Gel RV Mattress
Parklane Mattresses “The Explorer” RV Mattress Best Innerspring RV Mattress
MotorHome InnerSpace Travel Comfort 5.5″ RV – Mattress-In-A-Box Most Affordable RV Mattress

Reviews of Our Top RV Mattress Picks

Below are a lot more details on each of our recommendations. Let’s dive in!

Best Customizable RV Mattress

Tochta Mattresses

RVs come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s only fitting that you have the options of building your own mattress to perfectly match your needs. The Tochta Mattress delivers this benefit.

Customization is only becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and Tochta recognizes this. While you can always go with the standard mattress sizes (king, queen, etc.), not every RV is suited to perfectly accommodate one or all of them.

With the Tochta Mattress, you get to completely customize your experience, from length and width to thickness and firmness. Choose the exact measurements to optimize your space while selecting firmness on either side to suit both you and your partner.

You get three options of mattress types: the Journey, which is the best value; the Divini, which gives you dual-zone adjustment options; and the Utopia, which is Tochta’s premium luxury mattress.

In addition to all of these options, you can even specify cuts needed on the corners of your mattress, which is great for saving space. For example, you can have the corners cut down or rounded off to avoid running into them in tight quarters. You can even have notches cut out to make room for other furniture to fit perfectly.

With all of these options, you can’t go wrong in finding your perfect mattress to fit any size RV.

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Features & Specs

  • Available in three styles
  • Customizable length/width
  • Customizable firmness level (two-sided)
  • Customizable thickness
  • Corner cuts available
  • 100-night trial
  • Ten-year warranty


  • Adjustable firmness
  • Customizable measurements
  • Three mattress options
  • Special cuts to fit rooms and furniture
  • Right and left side firmness options
  • Free shipping


  • Some styles may be too soft for stomach sleepers
  • Not a lot of bounce


Best RV Mattress for Staying Cool

Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress

Our best RV mattress for staying cool, this Zinus model delivers a refreshing feel using gel-infused green tea technology.

If you have ever lived in an RV, you know that air conditioning is not always an option. In a tight, confined space, it’s important to stay cool in order to be comfortable – especially if you are sharing your bed with another person.

The Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Mattress uses specially infused gel technology to keep you cool and refreshed all night along. The specialized memory foam works together with super soft and high-density foam to give you the perfect level of support and comfort while keeping you cool at night.

At an affordable price, it’s hard to say no when coolness is your goal. Check out this mattress if you’re interested in avoiding a hot night’s sleep.

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Features & Specs

  • Thicknesses: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inch
  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Single box shipping
  • Uses MyGel Memory Foam, super soft foam, and high-density foam
  • 100-night trial
  • Five-year warranty


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put together the frame
  • Cooling technology
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Various thickness options


  • Inconsistent edge support
  • Very firm for side sleepers


Best Memory Foam RV Mattress

Serenia Sleep 8″ Memory Foam RV Mattress

If memory foam is what you like best, then the Serenia Sleep mattress specially made for RVs could be the perfect match for your needs.

As our best memory foam mattress for RVs, the Serenia 8-inch memory foam RV mattress is designed to offer extensive comfort and support. Those of you who have slept on a memory foam mattress know that the material is great for targeting and supporting pressure points and relieving pain.

Made specifically for RVs, this Serenia mattress is available is an array of sizes suited for varying RV spaces. Shorter versions allow you to maximize your room space while still using a quality mattress. Considering the size options, this mattress may be one of the best queen RV mattresses.

With a soft, 4-way stretch knit top cover, you’ll remain comfortable with no bunching. The memory foam also features an open-cell construction which helps with the heat. This special design keeps your cool and allows for airflow, which is perfect for those summer nights—especially if your RV doesn’t have air conditioning.

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Features & Specs

  • 8 inches
  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Short Full, Queen, Short Queen, King
  • Made with memory foam, base foam, fiber
  • Open-cell construction


  • Quality construction
  • Open-cell construction improves airflow and keeps you cool
  • Special sizing options for different sized RVs
  • Supportive
  • Cover is removable for washing


  • Too firm for side sleepers
  • Forms permanent impressions after long-term use


Best Gel RV Mattress

DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

You can’t go wrong in ways of comfort with a gel mattress, and the DynastyMattress model is one of the best out there.

If you’re looking for the best king RV mattress, don’t pass up on this gem. The DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress has it all—just look at its name! With a 2.5-inch top layer of HD gel memory foam, you get not only a comfortable, supportive experience, but you also get to take advantage of the excellent cooling technology.

This DynastyMattress uses two layers of open cell memory foam to allow for great circulation and airflow, keeping you nice and cool as you sleep. The thick foam base holds it all together with great durability and reliability.

With special RV sizing options, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for any size RV for continual comfort on the road.

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Features & Specs

  • Made from gel and high-density memory foam
  • Open cell memory foam
  • 30-year warranty
  • 120-day trial
  • Includes two gel memory foam pillows
  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full RV, Full, Queen, Queen RV, King, King RV


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Open cell design allows airflow and keeps you cool
  • Durable
  • Several sizing options to suit various RVs
  • Affordable


  • Firmness is too much for side sleepers
  • Some find it too hot
  • Sinking edge


Best Innerspring RV Mattress

Parklane Mattresses “The Explorer” RV Mattress

With a large list of sizing options and a large focus on safety with fire retardant materials and chemical-free, you’ll not only feel comfortable, but safe on this Parklane mattress.

The Parklane Mattresses “The Explorer” RV Mattress is one of the best innerspring RV mattresses you can hope to find. With a wide number of sizing options, anyone can find a mattress to suit their RV bedroom. While standard sizes can be difficult to work with, limiting your options, this mattress comes in special RV sizes.

The detail that goes into this mattress’s construction will leave you impressed, with eight specific layers contributing to its support and comfort including high-density foam, cotton felt, Bonnell innerspring, and a foam base.

With special attention to fire prevention, you’ll be happy to know that this mattress is made with a top layer of fire-retardant rayon.

With only high-quality materials, this mattress is durable and built to last. It ships directly to your home with everything you need to get going. With quite the affordable price tag, you can’t go wrong with this innerspring mattress.

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Features & Specs

  • 8 inches thick
  • Seven-layer construction
  • One year warranty
  • Fire-retardant materials
  • Innerspring construction
  • Available sizes: RV Twin, Residential Twin, Twin XL, RV Full, Residential Full, Full XL, RV Queen, Residential Queen, RV Short King, RV King, Residential King, California King


  • Several sizing options for the perfect RV fit
  • Special focus on safety
  • 7-lay construction delivers comfort and support
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality construction


  • Too firm for side sleepers


Most Affordable RV Mattress

MotorHome InnerSpace Travel Comfort 5.5″ RV – Mattress-In-A-Box

Many mattresses come delivered in a box these days, but many of them are top-dollar models. If you’re looking for a new RV mattress but are stuck on a budget, I have a great option in mind for you.

Even skeptics have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of mattresses packed tight in boxes mailed to their front door. With increasing technologies, companies like MotorHome InnerSpace can easily send mattresses compressed to small sizes.

What’s even better about the Travel Comfort 5.5” RV Mattress-In-A-Box is that it’s super affordable. Life on the road can be a nice way to save money, but that doesn’t mean it is expense-free. For those of us trying to save a few bucks without completely sacrificing quality, this might be the right choice.

Made from high-density polyurethane foam, this mattress is lightweight and easier to transport than other mattresses. It expands out of the box quickly, taking its final form in just 48 hours. The quilted sides make it comfortable all around and reversible, allowing you to switch your mattress around periodically.

With a generous 15-year warranty, it’s hard to believe that this mattress could be anything less than great.

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Features & Specs

  • 5 inches thick
  • Reversible
  • Quilted top, bottom, and sides
  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Short Queen, Queen, RV King, Three-Quarter
  • 15-year warranty


  • Highly affordable
  • Quilted on all sides
  • Gentle cushioning to relieve pressure
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Expands quickly (90% in 30 minutes)
  • Does not omit chemical smell


  • Flimsy stitching
  • Poor cover quality and fit

Recap: The Best RV Mattresses

Buying a Mattress for Your RV: What to Look Our For


It’s vitally important that you get the right size mattress. If we lived in a perfect world, we could all buy huge RVs that fit our favorite name-brand mattress in the biggest size. But, all of us who own RVs know that’s simply not the case.

In order to make the most of your RV mattress, you need first to measure your living space. Decide how much space you’re willing to sacrifice for your bed, and make your decision based off of that

Some mattresses have RV-specific sizing, while others offer customizable sizing options. Some setups require customizations like cut corners, shorter lengths (like a short queen or short king), and others to be able to fit into the bedroom of your RV.

Material Type

There are three main types of mattresses that are best for RVs. They are innerspring, air mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. Everyone has a different opinion on which is the best style, so you’ll have to decide that between you and your partner.

Innerspring mattresses, while still used, are largely the least popular of the options because they tend to be less comfortable. Air mattresses work fine, but they damage easily and still aren’t as comfortable.

Foam mattresses are by far the most popular, giving excellent support and overall better night’s sleep. Plus, you can find foam mattresses with a variety of extras like gel tops, cooling technology, and customizable sides.


This may not be at the forefront of your mind, but having a mattress with a solid warranty will certainly be better for you in the long run. RV mattresses tend to get beat up a lot. Since you’re always on the go, it’s harder to maintain your mattress.

A good warranty will ensure you get the protection you need and the most out of your money.


As someone who is always on the road, you already know that anything you buy has to come on board with you. It’s not really practical to buy a 500-pound luxury 15-inch mattress and haul it onto your RV. The added weight will increase your total load – not to mention it would be a pain to move on and off.

As long as you’re sprucing up the bedroom, be sure to read these related guides too:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put A Regular Mattress In An RV?

The short answer is yes. This comes with caveats though; you need to make sure that if your mattress is on a slide that it is flexible enough to bend when the slide comes in. The other issue commonly is size. Most queens or kings will not fit into a regular RV because of their length, most RVs use a “short” size mattress that is not the standard length which can cause some issues with trying to fit a regular mattress into your RV.

How Do I Choose An RV Mattress?

Choosing a mattress for your RV is a lot like choosing one for your home. After all, your RV is your home away from home. Go to your nearest RV club or accessory store and try out different mattresses, read reviews, and even check out our article here for the best RV mattresses.

How Can I Make My RV Mattress More Comfortable?

The quickest and often easiest way to make an RV mattress more comfortable is to put a topper on it. Toppers are usually inexpensive and can add a massive amount of comfort to your RV Mattress if its feeling flat or just uncomfortable. Also, be sure to check out our article on the best RV mattress toppers!

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