Renogy 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery Review

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The Renogy 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery can meet your RV’s power needs with proper care. However, many reviewers have found faults when ordering it online. Keep reading this Renogy 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery review to learn more about this product, its pros and cons, and how other users felt about it.

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The Details

The Renogy 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery works for standby and daily power needs for RVs and campers compatible with solar energy storage applications. It has a durable, leak-proof design that can store solar power system energy in all climates, making it ideal for vehicle and off-grid RV electrical systems.

You can connect multiple batteries in parallel or series to boost the amount of power it supplies. Many users found two batteries sufficient for their RVs.

Renogy has recommendations to preserve the power of its battery. They tell you to avoid letting the batteries discharge to below 50% to retain a long cycle life. If you have multiple batteries, Renogy suggests getting a battery balancer to prolong its lifespan.

This battery requires little maintenance due to its advanced valve-regulated technology and thick absorbent glass mat separators. The design prevents acid leakage, so you will not need to put in much maintenance work.

It has a long shelf life because of its pure composition. The AGM batteries have a much lower self-discharge rate than their flooded competitors, as they discharge about 3% at 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

These 12 Volt batteries discharge well. Their quinary alloy plates and specially treated plate grids mean low internal resistance and raise the max discharge current to about ten times the battery’s rated capacity.

Renogy designed this battery to withstand below-freezing temperatures by adding an electrolyte formula that provides stable battery capacity.


  • 9 pounds
  • 1” x 6.9” x 8.6”
  • M8 x 1.25 x 20 mm terminal
  • 12 V nominal voltage
  • 5 mΩ internal resistance
  • 100Ah@10hr-rate to 10.5 V capacity
  • 5 – 13.8 V float charging voltage
  • 4 – 14.8 V cycle use and equalization voltage
  • 8 in.-lb terminal torque
  • 1100A in 5 seconds maximum discharge current
  • 30A maximum charge current
  • 5℉ – 122℉ discharge temperature range
  • 5℉ – 104℉ charge temperature range

What I Liked

I liked the customer service Renogy provides. They respond quickly and work to understand the problem and implement a solution.

The batteries can power your vehicle for a couple of weeks, and you can charge them in the sun while you’re out and about. They are hardy and robust, but they have the best compatibility with Renogy brand solar panels.

Renogy sends you the battery charged, saving you a lot of time. When I get a new unit, I want to drive off with it, not charge it for a few hours first. Plus, it ships quickly, so you can get it as soon as possible.

I appreciate its wide operation temperature range, so I can use it almost anywhere in the world without damaging the battery. It does seem to take a while to charge, but you can readily do it in daylight.

The Deep Cycle battery has a solid ABS body that is leak-proof and low maintenance, so I don’t need to worry about getting spilling acid or losing power for a while.

The Renogy 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 is one of my favorite RV deep cycle batteries.


I am not a fan of the warranty process. You need to register it yourself, and customer service is less likely to help you if your item is out of guarantee. Also, not everyone can even get 30-day warranties, so it’s hard to get a replacement if you have an issue apart from a manufacturing defect.

It has a strict charging requirement. If you let it drop below 50% full, the cycle life will diminish, and the battery may not hold a charge. They take a long while to charge, so they aren’t the best for people who travel often.

After some cycling, the battery can start to swell. It occasionally overheats and often fails to charge if you do not keep it above 50% charge. While you will not need to maintain its body, you will need to monitor its power closely.

Reviews From Other RVers

Other RVers had pretty mixed reviews of this battery. Some loved the customer service, while others ran in circles to prove that their battery did not work. Several RVers reported them to arrive with manufacturing defects, and in some cases, they never started.

Many buyers reported charging issues, but others found no problem as long as they kept it above 50%. They seem to work best with other Renogy products, so other-brand solar system panels may not be compatible.

These heavy-duty batteries have supplied some RVs with power for weeks on end, while others never worked from the start.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Renogy 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Battery may work for an RVer who does not travel too frequently and can let their batteries charge in the sun for a while. They make an excellent option for power, but their problems mean you should only opt for one if you can get a warranty.

It is durable, stores plenty of power, and can withstand most weather conditions. The body will not fall apart, but it may stop charging if you do not care for it correctly. I recommend this battery for someone who stays in one place for a few weeks and is looking for backup power.

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