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Knowing your RV’s battery status is essential, but most RV models do not come with one. If this is the case for your RV, you may want to add a battery monitor to your power setup. These monitors provide an array of information that will help you manage all the aspects of RV life. We took the time to put together some of the best RV battery monitors to make the process a little easier.

Keep Tabs On Your Power With These RV Battery Monitors

Best RV Battery Monitors Best For:
bayite LCD Display Digital Overall Value
UTIPower Multifunctional 12V LCD Monitor Affordability
DROK 10-100V Digital Battery Solar Battery Monitor
Blue Sea Systems M2 SoC Meter Multiple Inputs
Bogart Engineering TriMetric Durability
SIMARINE PICO Battery Monitor Smart Battery Monitor

Reviews of Our Top Choices

Let’s dive into some reviews! Here are all the pros and cons for each of our top picks.

Best Overall

bayite LCD Display Digital

Not only does the bayite Digital battery monitor give you spot-on readings, but it also evaluates more than just your RV’s power status. The electrical current, voltage, energy usage, and active power sections help you decide if you need to make any immediate adjustments to your system.
It even saves your data when you shut it off, which comes in handy when trying to save power.

Even though the bayite battery monitor is not waterproof, it is quite durable. As a bonus, it uses very little of the power source it is monitoring. The remote monitoring option and backlight allow you to make the best possible use of this RV battery monitor. As long as you ensure that you mount this monitor in a spot where it is easy to read, this truly is the best overall one on our list.

bayite DC 6.5-100V 0-100A LCD Display Digital...
  • Test range: Voltage: DC 6.5~100V; Current: 0~100A; Power: 0~10kW; Energy: 0~9999kWh
  • Store energy data when power off (can be reset to 0). The blue backlight can be turned on/off...
  • With overload alarm function (If active power is larger than threshold, backlight and power value...

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  • Provides a great deal of information
  • Easy remote monitoring
  • Dependable reading accuracy
  • Uses very little power from the battery itself


  • Complicated and sometimes unclear wire attachment process
  • Hard to view the display from different angles
  • Connection wires not included

Most Affordable

utipower Multifunctional 12V LCD Monitor

With an LCD that clearly shows you what you need to know, this battery monitor is worth every penny. The many perks elevate this simple monitor. It is super user friendly and transmits the power status of your system with precision.

An alarm function lets you know when your voltage gets too low. This function allows you to have peace of mind and use that worrying time for other activities instead. Along with how easy this battery monitor is to install and use, there is little to complain about in the grand scheme.

The most affordable battery monitor does not have to be low-quality as well. You usually get what you pay for in these instances, but sometimes you get lucky and find a hidden gem. This monitor certainly is one of those hidden gems.

utipower Multifunctional 12V LCD Battery Capacity...
  • Multifunctional: battery capacity & real-time voltage meter, easy switch between two models.
  • Build-in MCU chip, measure battery capacity accurately.
  • The function button is for switching from Capacity, Voltage and Turn off. Just please press in turn...

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  • Easy to access the power button
  • Steady, legible display
  • Installation is quick and simple
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Mostly accurate data interpretation


  • On the smaller side
  • Does not come with wires needed for installation

Best RV Solar Battery Monitor

DROK 10-100V Digital Battery

When it comes to battery monitors of the solar-type, it is essential to find one that is easy to attach where you want it. You can quickly put the DROK monitor where it catches the sun the best. Also, all of the information provided is programmable to your specific requirements.

Along with the ability to charge in the sun, a solar battery monitor should also function in various weather types. Keeping that charge is another crucial aspect, especially when the sun goes down. The last thing you want is to go below the threshold because the monitor died halfway through the night.

There are few caveats with this battery monitor and rarely do they become a hassle. Since there is a smooth process to attach and set it up, it is hard to go wrong if you need a solar-powered battery monitor. Besides, a status alarm adds an extra sense of security to rest easy, knowing that it will alert you of an issue.

DROK 12V Battery Monitor, Digital Battery Capacity...
  • APPLICABLE BATTERY --- DROK digital battery monitor is suitable for 12v lithium battery, lead-acid...
  • APPLICATION --- this multimeter can be used as battery voltage meter, battery capacity tester and...
  • PROTECTION --- the battery power detector comes with protective shell, dustproof waterproof surface;...

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  • Easy attachment process
  • Programmable to desired parameters
  • Reliably precise readings
  • Low voltage alarm


  • May require calibration
  • Temperature only reads in Celsius

Best for Multiple Inputs

Blue Sea Systems M2 SoC Meter

When you need to keep track of several power sources, an RV battery monitor that compiles it all together fills all these roles. This way, you do not need to have several displays to check to ensure your system is in running order. With alarms for everything, you will feel at ease with Blue Sea Systems’ monitor.

You can program this battery monitor to keep track of what is important to you. Even better yet, we love how you can turn it off, and it will save your preferences for the next time. It allows something that can be time-consuming to take no time at all, which is perfect for busy RVers.

You can also add several inputs and program them, making this a beneficial addition to whatever system you have. The only issue some may have is that there is no gauge for the battery fuel. If that is something that is not a problem for you, then this battery monitor just may be the one that will suit your system the best.

Blue Sea Systems 1830 M2 OLED DC SOC Meter
  • Accurately measures and monitors State-of-Charge of 1 bank.
  • Measures 3 voltages and 1 current. Includes One 500A Shunt
  • Adjustable internal 92dB alarm for High Current, High/Low Voltage, Low Battery

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  • Alarms for current, voltage, and state of charge
  • Numerous inputs available
  • Programmable shunt ratio support


  • No battery fuel gauge

Most Durable

Bogart Engineering TriMetric

With the ability to evaluate energy input and output, state of charge, and voltage, with Bogart Engineering’s battery monitor, you get everything you need with the bonus of excellent durability. Alarms and real-time streaming of your system’s data allow you to be aware of the RV’s power status at all times.

Able to mount anywhere, Bogart Engineering’s battery monitor also has included protection from lightning. This safeguard allows you to place it where you need to and have peace of mind that your RV battery will survive. It might not provide the best customization options, but this is a high-quality battery monitor.

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  • Designed for surface mounting
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Silenceable low battery alarm
  • Adapter-free lightning protection


  • A shunt is not included
  • Display customization falls a little short

Best Smart Battery Monitor

SIMARINE PICO Battery Monitor

Even though the SIMARINE PICO has the option just to use it as a battery monitor, there are so many other useful tasks for it. It can act as a barometer, track temperatures, and, most of all, is a Smart monitor. This capability means you can link it up to your already existing Smart system with little trouble.

You can do so many things with this monitor that you might not even need. However, it is good to have the ability sometimes, especially when dealing with anything ‘Smart.’ With ever-developing technology, you never know what you are going to need down the line.


  • Highly accurate readings
  • Attractive and functional
  • Android and Apple compatible
  • Monitors tanks, inclinometer, and temperature, if desired
  • Can handle up to six battery banks


  • Difficult to turn off the screen
  • Android app has some bugs
  • Calibration in app only

Recap: The Best RV Battery Monitors

Buying a New Battery Monitor: What to Look For

When choosing an RV battery monitor, there are some factors that you should keep in mind. Depending on your situation, these factors’ details may vary, but they are of equal importance. Durability, accuracy, compatibility, and the installation process affect a battery monitor’s overall quality and should come first when you are putting together a priority list.


A device that monitors your RV battery should be able to withstand whatever an RV goes through daily. When it comes to this, choosing the one that suits your lifestyle is essential. Suppose your travels bring you to places with lots of inclement weather, for example.

Regardless of where you need to position a battery monitor, there is a viable option out there. Weather and waterproof monitors allow you to place them outside if that works best for your setup.

If you need it inside, there are models that you can set out of the way of high traffic areas. Ensuring that the battery monitor you choose is suitable for exposure to whatever conditions you may come across.


One of the most vital aspects of a battery monitor is its accuracy. The whole point is to know the status of your setup, after all. A reading that is not accurate is not only unhelpful, but it can be detrimental to your system.

One aspect of RVing is that mostly everything runs on batteries. These batteries can start to depreciate over time, especially with improper maintenance. Accurate evaluations from a battery monitor of your available Amp hours are integral for caring for these batteries. Even a minute error in the reading can cause oversight during maintenance time.

Accuracy is also vital for maintaining any refrigeration hookups that you have, allowing food to stay safe. Keeping the ambient temperature at a comfortable level can be helpful, too. A battery monitor helps you keep on top of any sudden changes to address them immediately.


To ensure that you get a battery monitor that will work with your system, you must know the current system’s specifics. These technical details will help you figure out which monitors to focus on during your search and which ones not to bother with. Having all the correct attachments, wires, and tools before starting will save you from a lot of headaches.

Some of the time, battery monitors do not come with the wires or shunts you need to install them. In that case, you must carefully determine what else you will need while deciding on the battery monitor that suits your situation. A battery monitor will not set up or work properly, if at all if there are any incompatible connections or accessories.

We also really like smart monitors that have Bluetooth connectivity and other features that can connect to your phone and other tech in your camper.

Easy to Set Up

Sometimes, setting up a battery monitoring system can be complicated and frustrating. This confusion is why finding one with clear instructions is critical, especially for those still unfamiliar with the process. There are many wires, and putting one in the wrong place will cause the monitor not to work.

If it is hard to decipher the directions, you may become frustrated and either give up or do something incorrectly. In the end, this helps no one and gets you no closer to having a way to see your power usage. Either ensure that the instructions are clear, that you can get clarification if needed, or have someone else around to help put things together.

You may need additional mounting supplies or even shunts and wires to complete the process, depending on what the monitor you chose has in the box. It is critical to know what you need and have what you need for a smooth installation process. If not, you may run into problems before even getting a chance to begin.

To keep tabs on more systems around your rig, check out our recommendations for the best RV monitor panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Monitor My RV Battery Level?

One of the best ways to monitor your RV battery level is with a battery monitor. There are a ton of different types of battery monitors, including ones that connect to your “smart” system for easier monitoring.

What Does A Battery Monitor Do?

Battery monitors check the amps coming into and going out of your battery, and can help you monitor the exact level of your battery without having to connect it to a reader. Most battery monitors show voltage as well as the level of the battery so you can easily determine its charge level and how much “pressure” is being put on your battery while you are running different items in your RV.

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