RV Kitchen and Grocery Checklist

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In this checklist (part of our RV checklist series) I will share some of the ways I prepare my kitchen for travel and some of these tips may work for you too. Since everyone’s tastes in food and drink vary, I’m not going to make a grocery list for you, but I will share a couple of the basics so that you don’t find yourself a hundred miles away from the nearest grocery store without salt and pepper and a bunch of broken dishes.

  • Dishware: As a rule, I try to avoid glass or ceramic dishes. Even when tightly stowed away in a cupboard, they will still shift around and occasional breakage will occur. For the few breakable plates and bowls that I do have stowed away when traveling between sites, I separate them with dishcloths making them less likely to be damaged. For people traveling in motorhomes, this will also dampen the noise as they rattle around.
  • Cookware: You may remember that in a previous article I shared some of my best ideas for storage and organizing your RV‘s kitchen – I like to use plastic mixing and serving bowls that are stackable and take up less space. For cooking on my stove, I use a few cast iron skillets and some steel pots for sauces and soups. I also have a couple of non-stick pans and here again; I usually line all of my cookware with dish towels to prevent damage to them while traveling.
  • Small appliances: Everybody loves their small appliances and food gadgets and so do I. For example, I love to cook things in a crock pot because I fish and hike. To me, it’s a great feeling to know that my slow cooker has been working all day to give me a good meal after a nice hike. While I am not a coffee aficionado, I have met many other folks that love their coffee and travel with their coffee grinder, brew, and even an appliance that turns their drink into a smoothie. It’s really all about what you want and what works best for you.

Let’s take a look at groceries.

I’m not going to make a grocery list or tell you what to eat, but there are few things you should consider when preparing a grocery list for your journey.

  • Staples: This can be an easy decision or one that requires a bit more thought for others that follow a different diet. Personally, I like to make sure that I have enough flour, sugar, oils, and spices on hand to cover my stay at each location. Herbs and spices are especially important to me so I like to make sure that I’m well stocked there as well.
  • A few meats, vegetables, fruits and dairy: If I plan on being in one location for a couple of weeks, I plan ahead. I try to stock up on some proteins and I make a few meals in my slow cooker to eat while I’m on the road. Your preferences may vary but it’s not that hard to dial in what you prefer.

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By Brian

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