Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter Review

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If you’re looking for a device to help run electrical devices while you’re RVing, a power inverter can be a great choice. Ampeak’s 1000W Power Inverter can convert power from a 12V battery to provide 1000 watts of power for your small electronic items and appliances.

A review of product details, what I liked about this inverter, my complaints, and reviews from other RVers can help you decide if the Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter is right for you.

The Details

The Ampeak 1000W can power small items that require 110V or less of AC power. It produces 1000 watts of continuous power and includes two AC plug-in outlets and a USB port. It’s both appropriate to use to charge my smaller devices and power slightly larger items like a laptop, microwave oven, small power tool, hand-held vacuum, or a mini-fridge. Not all at once, of course!

To operate the power inverter, I can connect it to any 12V DC battery. I’ve also used my vehicle’s battery, but I always make sure that my vehicle is running, so I don’t end up stuck with a dead vehicle battery (especially if I’m in the middle of nowhere when I’m dry camping).

It has some advanced safety features that give me peace of mind that it’s not going to fry my appliances and that I’m not going to cause it to overload. These include a digital input and output display, an alarm in case something goes wrong, a cooling fan, and a fuse system that flips the unit off if it overloads, overheats, or short circuits.

It also has a power button, so that I can keep everything plugged in without draining battery power.

What I Liked

I like that the power inverter has a cooling fan to dissipate heat. Even though the fan makes a little bit of noise, it’s far better than the sound of powering up my generator just to make a morning cup of coffee. It really gives me the perfect boost in the morning for all I need to do to start my day.

And with two plug-in outlets, I can use 800 watts to make coffee while using 60 watts to power up my laptop and check the morning news. This power inverter also has a place to plug in a USB device or an inverter remote (which I had to buy separately).

The digital display allows me to see how many volts of power my battery is inputting and how much power my plugged-in items are pulling (in either watt or kilowatt). It can handle up to a 2000-watt surge. It will also alarm, turn off the power, and throw up codes to let me know if something’s gone wrong.

It comes with color-coded 37.4-inch ring terminal cables and terminal protective cases so that it’s not too challenging to figure out which wire is which.

The Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter is one of my top choices for the best RV inverter.


Unfortunately, this power inverter won’t power larger items. For example, I can’t use it to power my space heater. For that, I’d need a 2000-watt version (which costs twice as much).

I’m a little disappointed that this inverter does not hold a charge. So if I want to power something, it has to be connected to my vehicle or a 30-pound battery.

I wish it came with more car battery connectors like alligator clamp cables or a cigarette lighter adapter.

Also, because it’s a modified- rather than true-sine wave converter, I get some humming noises when I use it with my microwave and tv, so I avoid using it with sensitive devices.

Reviews From Other RVers

Other RVers like that the LED display helps them to stay within the power parameters of the power inverter.

I like one RVer’s idea of adding a remote control, so he could hide the unit away in a cabinet and turn on the power remotely when he needed it.

One RVer keeps their 12-volt battery continuously charged with solar panels. A regular 12V battery can only power something like a small fridge for 6-7 hours. But, solar-charging your battery can turn this unit into a source of continuous power.

A few reviewers received non-functioning units, but this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Luckily, it comes with an 18-month hassle-free warranty if you find out it doesn’t work months after buying it.

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Final Thoughts

This is a great unit to charge up devices and power small RV appliances. With a few modifications like adding a remote to the power inverter and using solar panels to charge your battery, it can be an even smarter addition to your RV.

However, 1000 watts may not be enough power to run everything you want at one time, especially if you’re using it to permanently power a mini-fridge.

Still, I also like that it has enough safety features, so I can’t accidentally overload it.

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