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Firefighter Training

Boat Fire Safety

Fire is without a doubt the scariest emergency any boater can face. There are few more dangerous places than in a fire on a boat. Boats are full of flammable substances, and they’re made of highly flammable wood and fiberglass. Make no mistake—boats do not survive long when a fire …

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Sailing on a schooner

Types of Sails on a Boat

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of names for the many varied types of sails found on sailboats. Sailboats have been plying the waters and oceans of the world throughout history. When sailors had dozens of sails on board, they would need to quickly and concisely identify each sail, and …

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laminate sails

Sailing Around Cape Horn

There are trips that anyone can do in the sailing world, and then there are trips that only adventure-seekers want even to try. Hopping from Florida down to the Caribbean? Hundreds of boats do it every year. Crossing the Pacific Ocean from Central America to French Polynesia? Dozens of boats …

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swing keel yacht in the boatyard

What is a Swing Keel?

Swing keels are an often misunderstood sailboat feature. They stand unique as a capable offshore sailboat with good windward performance—but they also can provide access to places that few other sailboats can venture. What is a swing keel, and what makes it so unique? Let’s look at a few examples …

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reef a sail

How to Reef a Sail

Of all of the skills a sailor needs, reefing a sail quickly is one of the most important. Reefing is part of sailing, like learning the importance of not driving down mountain roads at your car’s maximum speed is part of driving.  Okay, there are few hairpin turns to skid …

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Best Bluewater Cruising Sailboats_where you make it

Best Bluewater Cruising Sailboats

A “bluewater sailboat” is capable of seeing those blue waters. It’s capable of venturing offshore, and it’s capable of the self-sufficiency required to survive out there. 

10 Great Sailboats to Live In_Where you make it

10 Great Sailboats to Live In

There is an undeniable romanticism to the idea of living on a sailboat. Sailboats speak to traveling the world—going wherever the wind takes you.

Best Gifts for Boaters_Where you make it

Best Gifts for Boaters

The best gifts for boaters are those that show you’re paying attention and care. What do they most love about their boat–fixing it up, fishing off of it, or voyaging across oceans? Find a gift they’ll love by narrowing it down a little.

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Boat Detailing_Where you make it

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Boat Detailing

New boat owners commonly wonder what products and techniques they should be using to clean their boats. Is cleaning and boat detailing all that hard? Let’s look at the best techniques and products to use for cleaning your floating home inside and out.

Removing Mildew from Boat Seats_Where you make it

Removing Mildew from Boat Seats

Still, got mold or mildew stains building up on your boat seats? It’s time to break out the big guns. Here are some ways of removing mildew from boat seats.

How to Clean Boat Seats_Where you make it

How to Clean Boat Seats

Keeping your boat’s upholstery clean and dry is the key to making it last longer. Let us guide you on how to clean boat seats so they will last longer.