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boat binoculars

Best Marine Binoculars

It’s hard to imagine a sea-faring captain standing at the helm of his tall ship and barking orders to his swabs, without seeing a collapsable brass telescope, or spyglass, in his hand.  We sail small ships these days, and we usually have fewer swabs to order around. But we do …

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Cutter rigged sailboat

Cutter Rigged Sailboats

Cutter rigs are often more prevalent in boating magazines and theory than they are in your marina. Most cruising sailboats are Bermuda rigged sloops with just one permanently attached headsail. So, are two headsails better than one? Or, are they double the trouble? History of Cutters  Cutters became popular in …

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kedge anchor

Kedging and Kedge Anchors

Now and again, you come across a word in sailing that piques your interest. Sometimes it’s a word you know used differently. And sometimes, it’s a very old word that has started popping up more and more. Such is the situation with kedging, an old sailor’s trick for moving the …

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