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Best Bluewater Cruising Sailboats_where you make it

Best Bluewater Cruising Sailboats

A “bluewater sailboat” is capable of seeing those blue waters. It’s capable of venturing offshore, and it’s capable of the self-sufficiency required to survive out there. 

10 Great Sailboats to Live In_Where you make it

10 Great Sailboats to Live In

There is an undeniable romanticism to the idea of living on a sailboat. Sailboats speak to traveling the world—going wherever the wind takes you.

Best Gifts for Boaters_Where you make it

Best Gifts for Boaters

The best gifts for boaters are those that show you’re paying attention and care. What do they most love about their boat–fixing it up, fishing off of it, or voyaging across oceans? Find a gift they’ll love by narrowing it down a little.

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Boat Detailing_Where you make it

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Boat Detailing

New boat owners commonly wonder what products and techniques they should be using to clean their boats. Is cleaning and boat detailing all that hard? Let’s look at the best techniques and products to use for cleaning your floating home inside and out.