Born and raised in Michigan, contributing writer Brian C. Noell is a retired hospitality industry professional that now works remotely as a visual artist, writer and photographer as he travels around the United States in an RV with his dog Lizzy, an eighty pound Appenzeller hound dog.

RV Camping Gear Checklist

In this installment of my series of checklists, I will share with you some of favorite items to bring along in terms of camping gear. I usually prefer the comfort of my RV, but I still like to occasionally go on an overnight hiking and camping adventure. Not all of …

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RV Checklist for Departure

In this series of short articles, we’ll look at some of the things I consider when RVing by my use of checklists. Probably one of the most important checklists that I use every time I pull out of a site is my last minute departure checklist. In fact, I find …

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How to Winterize Your RV

Unless you are living in your RV full-time and taking it south to warmer climates in the winter, you are probably going to need to winterize it and prepare it for freezing temperatures. While this process may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task at first, you will soon realize …

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What is RV Boondocking?

So you’ve heard others throwing around the words “boondocking”, “self-sustaining”, and “dispersed camping”, and you’re confused about what these terms are and want to learn more? Don’t worry, most people new to RVing don’t fully understand what types of camping and adventures you can have when first starting out, and …

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